Fascinating Facts Between Miss A VS 4minute

Miss A vs 4minutes

Top Korean Girl Groups: Miss A VS 4Minute?

K-Pop’s world-wide rise in popularity has grown pretty quickly. From the time of their debut until now, there are new girl groups that have already achieved success in just a few short years. Which among these groups are the best, most beautiful, most successful, and most popular.

Last time there were many kpop idols that had big talents and were very popular. Two of them are Miss A and 4Minutes. Anyone who listens to K-pop knows the names like Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, and SISTAR.  But what makes a Korean group so different from any other groups in the world?

Their discipline, image and talent are polished and worked on for years, as they spend time in training for becoming a member of a team. It’s important that the girls know their best attributes, but more importantly, that they learn what it’s like to be a part of a synchronised team. Korean groups, especially girl groups, are accurate as clockwork and can very often become the ideal of beauty in their native country.

Miss A And 4Minute Debut

Miss A

Do you know about Suzy? If so, you must know about Miss A. Originally, the group consisted of five trainees who were formed by JYP Entertainment in 2010. First they appeared in a Chinese variety show performing dance routines and songs as the “Chinese Wonder Girls”. Miss A started their carreers with different stories and in different countries. The group currently has four members. They are Suzy, Fei, Jia and Min. But, sadly Jia and Min had to leave the group in May 2016 and November 2017, respectively.



4minutes debuted earlier than miss A, who had debuted in 2009. 4minutes had 5 members. Cube entertainment, as their label, helped to release singles and albums in South Korea and Japan. Their first single for debut was “Hot Issue” in June 2009 and they continued with Japanese album “Diamond” in 2010.  Lately, in 2016 Cube Entertainment announced the disbandment of 4Minute after an unsuccessful contract renewal negotiation with the majority of the members.

Nomination of Miss A VS 4 Minutes

Miss A Winning Awards

Miss A


Digital Music BonsangBad Girl Good GirlWon


2011Bonsang AwardsGoodbye BabyWon
2012Bonsang AwardsTouchWon


Song of the Year (2010)Bad Girl Good GirlWon
Best Dance Performance – Female Group (2010)Won


2011Best New Asian Artist (Asia song festival)Miss AWon


2010Rookie of the Month (July)Bad Girl Good GirlWon
Song of the Month (July)Won


2013Song of the Month (November) (Gaon chart)HushWon
2013Artist of the Year (Song) (April) (Gaon chart)“Only You”Won

4Minute Winning Awards

200924th Golden Disc AwardsNewcomers Award4MinuteWon


201120th Seoul Music AwardsBonsang (Main Prize)β4MinuteWon
201221st Seoul Music AwardsBonsang (Main Prize)β4MinuteWon
201226th Golden Disc AwardsDigital Bonsangα“HuH”Won


201327th Golden Disc AwardsDisk Bonsang“Volume Up”Won
20133rd Gaon Chart K-Pop AwardsSong of the Year – May“What’s Your Name”Won
201428th Golden Disc AwardsDigital Bonsang“What’s Your Name”Won


Star Dance Battle Miss A vs 4minute

After looking at their awards and their debut, here is a dance battle they did in 2012. After this, are you still a Miss A lover or 4Minutes lover ? Or maybe you are changing your Bias? Enjoy!