Fascinating and Fun Facts About Seventeen


Fun and Interesting Fact About SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN, or SVT, is a South Korean boy group formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2015. The group is consist of 13 male members; there is Jun, Vernon, DK, Seungkwan, Hoshi, Joshua, S.Coups, Woozi, Wonwoo, Jeonghan, The 8, Dino, and Mingyu. The group attracted public attention because the public thought that there would be 17 members in the group, when there were only 13. Here are some fascinating fun facts about the K-Pop boy group, SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN K-Pop Male Group Facts

seventeen in suit
  1. In their pre-debut era, the group almost debuted with 16 members.
  2. The meaning of the name SEVENTEEN is 1 group that consists 13 member, which are separated into 3 sub-units.
  3. The other meaning behind the group’s name comes from the average age of the member at their formation time.
  4. Before their debut, they were back dancers for other fellow artists under same agency, Pledis Entertainment. Those artists were After School, NU’EST and Hello Venus.
  5. Pledis Entertainment spent 4 years forming the group.
  6. SEVENTEEN is divided into 3 sub-units; the hip hop team, the vocal team and the performance team.
  7. The hip hop team members are S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon.
  8. The vocal team members are Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, DK, and Seunghan
  9. The performance team members are Jun, Hoshi, The 8 and Dino.
  10. Jun and The 8 are Chinese, Joshua and Vernon are from USA, while the rest of the members are Korean.
  11. When they travel together as a whole group, they use 2 cars.
  12. Their role-model is SHINHWA.
  13. Before their debut, they spent 17-18 hours in the practice room.
  14. SEVENTEEN’s music genre is about “Young Energy”. The members wishes that everyone who watches their performance feels strong energy from their young souls.


seventeen vlive
  1. Even though Vernon and Joshua are fluent in English, they’re also nervous if they get an interview in English.
  2. They usually order food in their dorm. They only cook ramyun in the dorm.
  3. In their old dorm, there were 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. After they moved to the new dorm, they upgraded to 3 bathrooms.
  4. They use one bottle of shampoo for 13 members. The weight of the bottle is 3 kg and a cameraman almost mistook it for detergent.
  5. When getting ready for the day, 3 to 4 members will use one bathroom at the same time.
  6. Their clock in their dorm has a picture of Levi Revaille from the anime ‘Attack on Titan’.
  7. SEVENTEEN is working and practicing really hard every day. Woozi even said that this job requires above the average amount of work in comparison to normal jobs.
  8. The hip hop team sometimes feels confused in their songs and albums because they have to make their own lyrics.
  9. They once met Henry in Han River. They acted like they had never in their life met a real artist and they danced weirdly in front of him. After playing basketball, they approached Henry and told him that he is their role model because of his choreography. Henry told them to greet him if they meet each other at the music show. Seungkwan said that they will remember it as hoobae (junior) that sunbae (senior) meeting at the Han River.
  10. Because they really spend most of their time in the practice room, the agency once gave them a vacation to rest. SEVENTEEN members thought that the agency did that so they could make a good song. But actually the agency really wanted them to rest.
  11. They mostly produce their songs on their own.