Fascinating Facts You Need to Know about EXO’s Leader, SUHO



This multi-talented leader was not only trained as a singer and dancer, but also trained as an actor. He shows his potential acting skills through films and dramas below:


  • Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (2007) – cameo as extra dancer
  • Saving Santa (2013) – dubbed Bernard’s voice
  • One Way Trip (2016) – as Sangwoo
  • Female Middle Schooler A (2018) – as Hyu Jaehee


  • To The Beautiful You (2012) – cameo as himself
  • Prime Minister and I (2014) – Han Taewoong
  • EXO Next Door (2015) – as a fictional version of himself
  • The Universe’s Star (2017) – Woojoo
  • How Are You Bread (2017) – Han Dowoo

EXO’s Suho Facts (Personal Life, Height, Wealth, and Other)


Personal Life

Suho is the youngest one in his family. He has a father, mother, and an older brother that is 4 years older than him. Suho’s father is a professor at Soonchunhyang University. Suho’s mother was once a teacher but now she is a housewife. Suho’s parents bought him an electric piano for graduating from high school and he was so happy because it helped him so much in learning music.

Suho started to join SM Entertainment when one of SM’s casting managers discovered him on the street and asked him to join SM Entertainment. After almost 7 years of training, Suho was finally introduced as one of the EXO members on February 5th 2012.

Suho’s Height

Every time EXO stands in line, we can easily see their height difference. Our Guardian Leader does not belong to the taller side, rather to the shorter side. Suho’s height is 173cm, it’s a standard height actually, it’s just his group members are rather tall so he looks small, cute, and squishy among his fellow group members. However, Suho believes that it’s still possible for men under 30 to grow taller.

EXO’s Suho is Rich

Most of EXO-Ls are probably already knew this fact, yes, our leader is considered rich, even more he has became the group’s representative rich member. Let’s see the first evidence, one of Suho’s hobbies is playing golf, we know that golf is a sport played by rich people. Suho also revealed that he lived in an apartment building next to where Super Junior’s Siwon’s (the representative rich member from Super Junior) family used to be.

We can also see other evidence from what EXO’s member saying about Suho, for example Kai said Suho once paid for EXO members’ meals when they went out together and it costed 800.000 won! Another piece of evidence is on the EXO Showtime episode 5 when D.O wanted to eat a hotdog, Suho immediately took out his credit card without hesitation and told D.O to buy it.

Suho’s Other Facts

  • People gave him title “The Second Choi Siwon” because he is considered the wealthiest EXO member.
  • Suho is the best at public speaking among other EXO members.
  • Suho can’t watch horror movies since he is scared of them.
  • Suho is close with SHINee members.
  • Suho is not good at cooking and playing rock-paper-scissors.
  • Suho was ranked as one of the top five students at his school.
  • He said if he were about to propose his girlfriend, he would to do it in Myeongdong street (one of the most crowded streets in Seoul).
  • Suho really cares about what the other members are doing and he often check on them.

From all the facts and Suho’s profile above, we can conclude that this leader is one of the best leaders in the K-Pop industry. Suho is not only a multi-talented idol, but also kind, adorable, and really cares about his fellow members. Now it’s time to give Suho lots of love!