Fascinating Facts About AOA’s Leader: Shin Ji-Min

Fascinating Facts About AOA’s Leader Jimin

aoa jimin

AOA’s Jimin gained a lot of attention from the public because of her cute face and good body. Being one of the fans of AOA’s Jimin, you might want to know more about the cute leader of AOA, so here we will reveal fascinating facts about AOA’s leader Jimin for you!

1. Jimin has an older sister.

2. As it has been mentioned above, Jimin has been interested in music since she was very young.

3. Jimin used to suffer from Carpal Tunnel syndrome (CTS) which is a medical condition due to compression of the median nerve, she even underwent surgery because of that.

4. Since she was in high school, Jimin has been a big fan of an ex 2PM’s member Jay Park.

5. Jimin was called weird because she gave a name to her guitar “Banana” since its color was yellow, and “Banana” is a sister of Juniel’s guitar called “Panini”.

6. Her another guitar from her mom (a birthday gift) was named “Mimi”.

7. As mentioned above, Jimin went to a Chinese language school to study for about 2 years.

8. She can play 3 musical instruments – the guitar, piano, and harmonica.

9. Not only is she good at rapping, AOA’s leader Jimin also composed the rap part of their song “Moya”.

10. Attending a music school, AOA’s leader Jimin kept it as a secret from both of her parents.

11. Jimin likes rain a lot.

12.  She can even do pansori, which is traditional Korean singing.

13. AOA’s Jimin idol in South Korea is Lee Hyori.

14. Other than Lee Hyori, Jimin also likes Brazilian band CSS and the British band The Tings Tings.

15. Jimin dislikes people who are selfish and greedy.

16. Jimin likes food, excluding cucumber.

17. Seeing pictures of cute dogs makes Jimin feels relaxed.

18. Her favorite animal is the opposite of her cute body, the elephant.

19. This AOA’s leader can speak 3 languages, Korean, Mandarin, and a little bit Japanese.

20. Jimin’s ideal type is someone who looks sexy and cool at the same time, and is also kind. Someone who is like Ha Jung Woon.

Funniest Fact About AOA Leader Jimin

aoa jimin

1. People in general would listen to cheerful songs when they are sad, but AOA’s Jimin always listens to sad songs when she is sad to feel even sadder, because after she feels totally depressed, she will feel better.

2. Among all AOA members, the leader, Jimin is known for her sleep-talking. Shin Jimin can even rap while sleeping. The most fascinating thing is that she can rap with perfect pronunciation in her sleep. (imagine all the AOA members are sleeping, and Jimin suddenly starts to rap).