Interesting Facts about 2NE1 VS Blackpink

2ne1 vs blackpink

Blackpink and 2NE1

Blackpink, a Korean girl group from YG Entertainment hasn’t even been around for one year and yet they’ve stolen the attention of many netizen. The four-member girl group is referred to as 2NE1’s successor. 2NE1 has disbanded because the members are focusing on their own careers.

However, YG Entertainment assured netizen that Blackpink is not a replacement for their senior, “Blackpink has different characteristics than 2NE1.” Because, Blackpink debuted just four months after 2NE1 was disbanded, many netizen believed that Blackpink was 2NE1’s successor. They have the same member formation, genre, and a concept that’s similar to 2NE1.


The leader of 2NE1, who knew about Blackpink, did not bother about it, she even said, “When 2NE1 debuted first, we were also dubbed the second ‘Big Bang’ so it’s a natural thing because we’re from the same agency. It is evident that 2NE1 has a big influence, so I do not feel sad about it. Blackpink and 2NE1 have different colors. “

Blackpink as 2NE1 Replacement

bp 2ne1

The emergence of a new girl group in the Korean entertainment world is already a common thing, but it is a very unusual thing for YG Entertainment to begin a new girl group just four months after 2NE1 disbanded.

Previously YG Entertainment created many boy groups such as, BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKon. They also created the girl group 2NE1, but after the dissolution of 2NE1, YG Entertainment immediately formed a new girl group with four members, Blackpink.

Many netizens assumed that YG Entertainment formed Blackpink in order to replace 2NE1 in the Korean entertainment world, as Blackpink comes up with a concept and style similar to their senior, 2NE1.

Their two debut singles Boombayah and Whistle sound like 2NE1 style songs, thick with electro funk music. Even Rose, the main vocal from Blackpink, has the same singing style as Park Bom who became main vocal of 2NE1. On top of that, Lisa’s rap style in Blackpink’s song Whistle is just like the rap styles of CL and Minzy in 2NE1.

Their concept and style of singing reminds netizen of 2NE1, but the CEO of YG Entertainment denied the statement and said Blackpink performed the songs in their own style and developed them on their own. “At the moment, it’s hard to show 2NE1 on stage again, so Blackpink has to take over as a representation of a YG girl group,” he said.

Admittedly the personal members of Blackpink itself are different from the 2NE1 members who all come from Korea, only Jennie comes from Korea. Jisoo has lived in New Zealand, Lisa is from Thailand, and Rose is from Australia.

Nonetheless, Blackpink and 2NE1 members have the same aura in the Korean music industry. Jennie and CL both have a prominent badass appearance, Rose and Park Bom who both have a golden and unique voice, Jisoo and Sandara have almost similar personalities, and Lisa and Minzy have almost the same rap style.

There is some reason why Blackpink could be the replacement of 2NE1.

1. Position of Members

bp and 2ne1

Either by intent or by coincidence, 2NE1 and Blackpink have a group formation with four members. In 2NE1, it’s CL as the raper, Park Bom as the main vocal, Sandara as thesub vocal and the visual, and lastly Minzy as the main dancer and maknae. These positions iare also the same as the positions in Blackpink. You have Jennie as the rapper, Rose as the main vocal, Jisoo as the sub vocal and the visual, and Lisa’s last as the main dancer and maknae.

2. Blackpink Debut and 2NE1 Disbanded

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Previously Blackpink had planned to debut in 2013, it was then postponed until 2015. And they finally debuted in 2016, right after 2NE1 experienced many scandals among its members. Could this be a sign that Blackpink is ready to become 2NE1’s successor?

3. The Success of Blackpink Beat 2NE1?


Blackpink has achieved success since its debut in August 2016. Even their music video has been watched by more than 245 million viewers. And with the success of Blackpink stealing the attention of netizen, it has made YG Entertainment terminate the contract with 2NE1. It has been two years with no group activity from 2NE1.