Comeback With 3 New Members: Here Are The Facts About 24K’s Return in 2019!

24k Season 2

Learn More About 24K’s Return in 2019

Are you familiar with 24K? 24K is a boy band under Choeun Entertainment’s management that debuted on September 6th, 2012. Originally, the group consisted of 4 members: Cory, Seokjune, Kisu, and Sungoh, but later was Daeil and Byungho were added. Throughout their career, the group went under continuous changes in their line-up until finally, most of the members decided not to continue their activities with the group due to their own reasons in 2019. However, the company decided to add new members to the group and described it as ’24K season 2.’ Are you curious about the new members of 24K and how it changes the group’s concept? Today, Channel-Korea will explain everything about 24K’s return in 2019 with its new members. So, stay tuned!

New Members

1. Kiyong

24k Kiyong

Name: Nam Kiyong

Date of Birth: March 25th, 1999

Zodiac: Aries

Blood type: A

Position: Vocalist

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Nam Kiyong, or also called Kiyong, is one of the new members of 24K. He was added to the group in 2018 as a vocalist. He has one older brother and attended Kookje University. According to him, his hobbies are watching movies and cartoons, as well as reading Webtoons. He also loves eating delicious food. It is said that his favorite movies are Marvel movies. He also said that his role model is BTS.

2. Xiwoo

24k Xiwoo

Name: Xiwoo

Date of Birth: June 6th, 2001

Zodiac: Gemini

Blood type: n/a

Height: n/a

Weight: n/a

Xiwoo is the second member added to the new 24K. He was added to the group in 2019. There is still not a lot of information about him, except that he has lived abroad for 8 years and he speaks 3 languages. He also self-proclaimed himself as the visual of the group.

3. Imchan

24k Imchan

Name: Imchan

Date of Birth: January 24th, 2001

Zodiac: Aquarius

Blood type: n/a

Height: n/a

Weight: n/a

The last member who was added to the group is Imchan. Just like Xiwoo, he was added as a new member of 24K in 2019. There is also only a little information about him as he has only recently been added to the group. He came from Daegu, and it is said that he plays the piano. It is also said that he is in charge of cuteness and that he loves Sprite.

New Concept

new 24k

After the last comeback of 24K, which was their 4th EP, Bonnie N Clyde, most of 24K’s original members decided to part ways with the group. This news was announced by Choeun Entertainment itself, explaining each members’ reasons for not continuing their activities as an idol group. The company explained that Jinhong’s contract expired and he decided not to continue his activity. Meanwhile, Hongseob had a health problem with his surgery, so he can’t continue his activity with the group. They also said that Jeonguk has decided to focus on his solo album instead, and a while later, Kisu, who’s under his enlistment, announced that he also won’t return to the group.

However, Choeun Entertainment also announced that they’re in the middle of working for 24K’s new song with Sam Holland and Grant Michaels, composers who composed the song “Hand Clap” which was ranked number one on Billboard. Even though most of the members had quit from the group, the company decided to add new members to 24K. The company also said that the new members are “young and fresh, which is slightly different from 24K’s original color.”

So, are you curious about what kind of new things the group will show us as ’24K season two’?

Latest Comeback


24K’s latest comeback took place back on May 25th, 2018, with an album titled Bonnie N Clyde. However, on May 9th, it was discovered that 24K was the only idol group that was put on the blacklist by Korea’s former president Park Geun-hye. Later, it was revealed that the blacklist was caused by those who expressed any sort of support against governmental commands about Seoul accidents and artists who opposed presidential candidates; Park Won-soon and Moon Jae-in. This blacklist includes 24K’s former manager and 5 members of the group: Seokjune, Byungho, Cory, Kisu, and Daeil.

On May 11th, Choeun Entertainment announced that Kisu will be enlisted and carry out his mandatory military service while they are also adding a new member to the group, Kiyong. On May 25th, the group finally released its fourth EP, Bonnie N Clyde.

If you want to listen to their latest comeback song, you can watch the “Bonnie N Clyde” music video below:

After Bonnie N Clyde, the group didn’t have any activities until in 2019 Choeun Entertainment announced that Jinhong, Hongseob, and Jeonguk won’t continue their activity as members of 24K. Not long after, Kisu also announced that he won’t return to the group after his military duty finished. At this point, the company changed the line-up of the group again and made 24K a four-member group with new members, describing it as ’24K season 2.’ What kind of music will the new 24K show us? We just have to wait until the day comes because Choeun Entertainment has revealed that they are in the middle of working for the new song!

So, what do you think about 24K’s return in 2019? Are you interested in following their activities and listen to their music with the new concept as well as new members? Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts about 24K’s return in 2019 in the comment section below!