Fact Behind Male and Female K-Pop Idol Abs That Might Surprise You

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The Truth Behind K-Pop Idol Abs

K-pop Idols physical appearance are everyones body goals! Their perfect abs are a delight to see at concert, in music videos and even on music shows. But do you know how hard they work out to show their perfect abs to the public? Here are the facts behind K-Pop idols abs and also the best abs among male and female idol groups.

Fact Behind K-Pop Idol Abs

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It isn’t easy to have a perfect abs and maintain it at the same time if people aren’t strict. Some of the K-pop Idols come from the athletics families gain advantages to work out more with their family. They should keep working out and going through diets even after they already have abs. Here are several facts behind K-Pop Idol Abs.

Going To Gym

K-Pop idols often go to the gym and get training from professional trainers to get on the track to get perfect abs. They go to the gym before their comeback schedules or between their hectic schedules which is often around midnight or in the early morning.

 Avoid Eating Sweets and Fried Food

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Well known as a body builder among idols, Kim Jong Kook, who is active on the SBS variety show ‘Running Man’ is a picky eater. He avoids eating sweet and fried food to maintain his body which means he is always teased by other members. He also only eats chicken breasts and will throw the rest of the chicken parts because the other parts contain more fat than meat.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol


Alcohol is bad for your health, especially if you are working out for perfect abs. It can both harm your body and your abs. So don’t consume any alcohol if you are currently working out.

After you read those fact above, you might want to start your training to get some absolute perfect abs on your body. Here are some tips that you should know before you do it.


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Start to workout slowly but steady. Also, don’t over do it if you’re tired because it can impact your health. You can go to the gym and get some help from professional trainers to help you with training or you might do it alone by trying several workouts that you should do to get perfect abs.

  1. Leg Drops (10 Reps per Leg)
  2. Crunches (20 Reps)
  3. V-Sits (20 Reps)
  4. Bicycle Crunches (10 Reps per Leg)
  5. Starfish (10 Reps)
  6. Side Planks (30-60 Secs per Side)
  7. Plank (30-60 Secs)
  8. Running

Drink a lot of water

drink water

Drink a lot of water is helping you from getting dehydrated. When you are doing a workout at the gym or somewhere by yourselves, you might sweat a lot and loose ions from inside your body. Drinking water will help your body become more stable and focus more to continue working out. Avoid drinking soda when you’re working out because you might gain a little weight by drinking it and also don’t drink alcohol.

Eating Habits

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Eating habit is one of the important steps if you want to have perfect abs. You shouldn’t starve yourselves even though you aren’t slim because you still need energy to pass your day. Having a good meal everyday and avoiding eating snacks around midnight might help you lose weight.