Nose Job and Eyelid Surgery, Here The Comparison Before and After Lee Jong-suk Plastic Surgery!

Did Lee Jong-suk Get Rhinoplasty?

Fans have speculated that the Korean heartthrob got a nose job even before he got his big break in show business.

In this old photo, Lee Jong Suk’s nose looks quite flat, blunt and wide. Today, however, the Korean star has a thinner and more refined nasal bridge. His possible new nose also has a pointier tip.


Only a plastic surgery procedure could shrink his typically Asian nose to the desired size and shape. The differences from before and after his nose job are actually quite obvious and are hard to deny.

Actually, a round and wide-based nose is a standard Asian characteristic, but most Asians wish they could have a sharp and narrow-based nose, to look better. So, as a top model and actor, Lee Jong-suk might have had no choice but to do a little change on his own nose.

Aside from the question of whether Lee Jong-suk had plastic surgery or not, we all agree that he is handsome as he is now. Not only his face and body, but his appearance on the screen always amazes us.

Keep supporting Lee Jong-suk, and hopefully can see him back on screen again!