Nose Job and Eyelid Surgery, Here The Comparison Before and After Lee Jong-suk Plastic Surgery!

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The Handsome Actor Lee Jong-suk

Lee Jong-suk is one of the best South Korean actors. He started his career as a model in 2005, at the tender age of 15, and retains the title of the youngest male model of Seoul’s Seoul Program at Seoul’s Fashion Week. Born in 1989, Lee Jong-suk performed seamlessly as a model-actor and is the protagonist of many popular South Korean television screenwriters. Some of the best-known dramas he played are Pinocchio, W, I Can Hear Your Voice, While You Were Sleeping, and School 2013. 

In December 2015, Lee left his previous agency, Wellmade Yedang, and signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment on May 10, 2016. He is also best friends with fellow actor and model, Kim Woo-bin, whom he has known since their modeling days, and worked with him in School 2013.

As far as you know about Lee Jong-suk, do you think he had plastic surgery? Rumors have said that he’s had plastic surgery on his eyelids and nose (rhinoplasty). Though we never got any confirmation from Lee Jong-suk, his fans thought this was his very first cosmetic procedure.

In real life, Jong-suk is quite shy about what he does, which might explain why he’d rather not talk about his physical improvements. Jong-suk also said in an interview that he is his own worse critic when it comes to his looks and his acting ability. With this kind of attitude, it’s fair to conclude that he has, at least, considered visiting a cosmetic surgeon for a transformation.

Let’s see his pre-debut and post-debut pictures, and try to figure out whether he had plastic surgery. Don’t go anywhere, check our thoughts about Lee Jong-suk’s facial features!

Eyelids Surgery

Most of his fans agree that he had eye surgery, because of the evident transformation of his larger eye shape. Lee Jong Suk’s eyes used to be small, and he had single eyelids then, which is common among South Koreans.

Now, the Korean actor’s subtle double eyelids allow him to look more expressive, and as an actor, this cosmetic augmentation is actually helpful to his career.

If you look at his graduation photos, you would see a big difference between his eyes back then versus his eyes today. The single eyelid that he had before was surgically altered so that he has the very popular double eyelid look that so many South Korean stars have.

Today, his double eyelids make him look more expressive, and this is a characteristic that is required for actors such as himself. If he really did have plastic surgery, it’s become one of many reasons why he is cuter and more attractive to most people. Check out his before-after pictures!