Source: Soompi
Artist TWICE
Title Track I Can’t Stop Me
Release Date October 26th, 2020
Length 43:24
Label  JYP Entertainment


Eyes Wide Open marked TWICE’s third long-awaited comeback with a full studio album after Twicetagram and BDZ. The album was released in October 2020 with its title track “I Can’t Stop Me”. This album is also known for its B-side tracks such as “Depend on You”, “Behind The Mask”, and “Believer”.

Story Behind Eyes Wide Open by TWICE

Following the success of TWICE’s previous mini-album More and More, there was a news report circulating on the internet that TWICE were working on a new album. Shortly after, JYP Entertainment confirmed the rumor that TWICE will be launching a new album later in the year.

TWICE’s third full studio album was officially announced on October 1st, 2020, through TWICE’s official social media accounts.

On October 10th, it was confirmed that the album title will be Eyes Wide Open. At the same event, Jihyo explained the meaning of the album title, “Eyes wide open to a new sense, where one can’t stop oneself from crossing the line between good and evil despite knowing that crossing the line is dangerous.”

On October 10th, the official tracklist and the album’s lead single “I Can’t Stop Me” were revealed. A day later, the teaser photos and digital album cover were published online.

Source: Twitter

The album Eyes Wide Open was officially launched in public on October 26th, 2020, through digital music platforms. The physical album with bonuses was also released on the same day.

The Production of Eyes Wide Open by TWICE

Prior to the album release, JYP Entertainment uploaded the track previews for this album on YouTube. Check them out below!

Eyes Wide Open consists of 13 tracks. The songs featured in this album have many different genres. Most of the tracks are pop, but the album also includes R&B, dance-pop, Latin-pop, and Japanese city pop songs. Far from the initial girly concept, this album also pursues a retro and boyish concept for their album photoshoots.

The title track “I Can’t Stop Me” was written by J.Y. Park and Shin Eun-ji and produced by Melanie Fontana, Lindgren, and A. Wright. The track features a synth wave influenced by European dance music and American 1980s music.

Side-tracks are composed by many well-known musicians such as LDN Noise, Melanie Fontana, DJ Swivel, Armadillo, and Heize. Dua Lipa, award-winning English singer-songwriter also made a special contribution to the album by collaborating with Heize composing the last track, “Behind The Mask”.

On the other hand, TWICE members also made a lot of contributions to the songwriting process. Dahyun wrote the lyrics for two songs “Bring It Back” and “Queen”. A few other members wrote lyrics for one song. The lyrics of “Up No More” were written by Jihyo. “Depend On You” was written by Nayeon, “Do What We Like” was written by Sana, and “Handle It” was written by Chaeyoung. By far, this album has the most songs written by the members.

Tracklist of Eyes Wide Open by TWICE

JYP Entertainment released the official tracklist of Eyes Wide Open a few days before the full studio album release. Have a look at the list below to find out more about the songs included in the album.

No. Title Lyrics Composed  Arranged
1. I Can’t Stop Me J.Y. Park, Shim Eun-ji Melanie Fontana, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, A. Wright Lindgren
2. Hell in Heaven Shim Eun-ji, Lee Hae-sol Shim Eun-ji, Lee Hae-sol, Linnea Sodahl Shim Eun-ji, Lee Hae-sol
3. Up No More Jihyo Lee Woo-min, Julia Ross, Kyrsta Youngs Lee Woo-min
4. Do What We Like Sana Rod Radwagon, Grace Barker, Josh Record, Jarly Rod Radwagon, Grace Barker, Josh Record
5. Bring It Back Dahyun earattack, Gongdo, Laurel Barker, Katya Edwards earattack, Gongdo
6. Believer Kenzie Kenzie, Greg Bonnic, Hayden Chapman, Alice Penrose Kenzie, LDN Noise, Alice Penrose
7. Queen Dahyun JinbyJin, Cazzi Opeia, Ellen Berg JinbyJin, Cazzi Opeia
8. Go Hard Friday (Galacktika) Grace Tither, Carl Ryden, Ki Fitzgerald, Paul Harris Grace Tither, Carl Ryden, Ki Fitzgerald, Paul Harris
9. Shot Clock Kim Yeon-seo Jonathan Gussmark, Ludvig Evers, Kim Yeon-seo, Cazzi Opeia, Ellen Berg  Moonshine
10. Handle It Chaeyoung Adrian X, Elizabeth Loughrey, Ryan Ashley, Uzoechi Emenike, Armadillo Armadillo
11. Depend On You Nayeon Candace Sosa, DJ Swivel, Sean R Mullen, James K. Miller Sosa, DJ Swivel, Mullen, Miller, OranJi
12. Say Something Jung Ho-hyun (, Iggy Jung Ho-hyun (, Iggy
13. Behind The Mask Heize Sam Klempner, Jacob Attwooll,  Josh Record, Dua Lipa Klempner, Attwool


Charting of Eyes Wide Open by TWICE

The album has topped the charts in South Korea, Japan, and America. Eyes Wide Open also managed to become popular in European markets, as it successfully entered music charts in European countries such as Hungary, Belgium, UK, and Finland, despite being ranked in lower positions. Here’s the list of achievements of the Eyes Wide Open album.

Weekly Charts

Country Chart Peak Position
South Korea GAON 2
Japan Oricon 3
United States Billboard 200 72
United States US World Albums 2
Hungary MAHASZ 40
Belgium Ultratop Flanders 176
Finland Suomen virallinen lista 41
Sweden Sverigetopplistan 16
United Kingdom UK Digital Albums (OCC) 37


Year-end Charts

Country Chart Peak Position
South Korea GAON 18
Japan Oricon 44


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