Going On A Extreme Diet & Weight Loss, Here Are After School’s UEE & Lizzy’s Recent Looks


In 2019, UEE received criticism again from her thin body and extreme weight loss after she made several appearances in dramas and variety shows. Besides that, UEE has also been active as a model, and did photoshoots for some magazines.

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UEE is known for being lean and thin as long as she was promoting with After School and starring in K-Dramas. However, her body seems to be getting less so, lately.

UEE is dieting for a specific purpose. She said that she gained weight after starring in the drama ‘My Only One’. She eats well lately. I don’t know clearly how much she weighed but her weight has gone up,” said a person close to UEE.

In her recent Instagram posts, UEE shared many pictures of her while doing pilates and exercise at the gym. The actress who starred in Hogu’s Love has really taken care of herself really well, but, sadly, she also received some malicious comments from her body transformation and weight loss.

In her appearance on tvN’s ‘Live Bar’, UEE spoke up about the netizens who leave negative comments through social media and saying many things about her weight and body.


To be very honest, I lose weight for my drama appearance and to get into the character, but after that, I received so many hate comments and read them. They tell me to regain some weight. That was so stressful for me.” – UEE


To be honest, I don’t want to lose the fat in my thighs and I stop getting endorsements since then. I’m okay with malicious comments when they say I’ve undergone plastic surgery, but I’m worried about my parents and pretend to be okay in front of them. I was ended up showing tears at the sets because I got intimidated. – UEE.

After School’s Lizzy


After School’s Lizzy has the real name Park Soo-young (박수영). She was born in Busan on July 31, 1992, and debuted her entertainment career as an idol in the girl-group, then she was added to their sub-unit, Orange Caramel, with Nana and Raina.


Lizzy has been known for her petite figure and small waist since she debuted and promoted with After School. She is also active as a solo singer, and debuting with the single Not an Easy Girl, in January 2015. Just like UEE, who has made her debut as an actress, Lizzy also appeared in several K-Dramas as cameos and in main roles, such as Angry Mom, Fates & Furies, Kim Seul Gi Genius, and many more.


Lizzy is known for her aegyo and funny personality, as well as being praised for a perfectly distributed body proportion. When Lizzy first debuted and still had some baby fat, fans found it cute, and she was never criticized.


Well, let’s not wait any longer and see Lizzy’s body transformation throughout time in this section below!


In early 2015, Lizzy was finally given her solo debut by releasing a single titled Not an Easy Girl.  She gained back the weight she lost since promoting with After School and Orange Caramel. Many people and fans were commenting that Lizzy was stressed out because she wasn’t financially set like some of the members.


But this time, the agency let her have a solo debut and promote as a singer by herself. As expected, she gained her weight back. Lizzy put everything into promoting the solo she had wanted for over half a decade, determined to prove her worth.

Fans hoped Lizzy could finally break into mainstream success. Sadly, her solo flopped on the charts and with sales. The company wasn’t even able to make back what they spent. Lizzy was never given a second chance to go solo after the big disappointment from her solo debut. This era made her lose some spirit in many ways, and made her feel awful about herself.


When she performed on the stage, she looked healthy, and maintained her weight after her comeback and promotion with Orange Caramel. She also tried her best during her solo debut, by wearing a Hanbok which was customized in a modern style, and Lizzy didn’t forget to put on a smiling face during the performance.

Once promotions were over, Lizzy had no work, as she had little experience in either acting and modeling. Two months later, in August 2015, fans started to become more and more scared about Lizzy’s never-ending weight loss. At first, Lizzy was given utmost care and support; fans were concerned about her health, and not her looks.

The fancam above went viral in October 2015, and netizens tore Lizzy to shreds by sending malicious comments and saying she had a disgusting body. Netizens flooded Lizzy’s social media accounts with negative comments and made her feel ashamed.


After School’s Lizzy started to get so many hate messages yet she was feeling stressed out, causing her drastic weight loss at that time. Netizens comments were saying, “She used to be really cute before… Looks kind of like a nameless shopping mall model.”, “I heard she’s anorexic”, “I saw Lizzy’s legs and was shocked.. All bones.


On September 5, 2016, After School’s Lizzy revealed a surprising thing while attending a press conference for the event she hosting for ‘Please Look After My Vanity 2’. Lizzy talked about her feelings after joining the beauty program.


To the MC, Lizzy said, “I think my source of income has dried up,” raising the reporter’s question mark. Lizzy later explained, “Now that it’s nearing the end of the contract, the agency isn’t giving me any more work,” she said.


To put it bluntly, Lizzy met the CEO of her agency to see the event. “I want our CEO to watch the program. I hope he sees ‘Please Look After My Vanity 2’.” During 2016, Lizzy had been stressed out about her work, and since that time she had another drastic weight loss.


During one of the episodes of ‘Please Look After My Vanity 2’, Lizzy shows her actual weight on the scale, and it was revealed that her real weight was only 43 kg, or about 94 lbs. “I did taekwondo and swimming for 8 years when I was young, and I started to think that I won’t gain weight so fast.” she said.


Netizens who saw the episode when Lizzy shared her real weight become very concerned about her drastic weight loss, and commented by saying, “That’s not normal, Lizzy. It doesn’t look good”, “I’ve seen her in person before and she’s just too, too thin. It made me wonder if she even eats…”, “169 cm tall and 43 kg? Is that human?”, “She’s a walking skeleton.. That’s not pretty at all”.


Since then, Lizzy has disappeared. Nothing has been heard from her since 2016 and her contract with Pledis Entertainment was due to expire in late 2017. Lizzy stated that she was going to focus on getting a beauty license, as she’s very passionate about it and sees it as her future.


From the latest appearance in public and her drastic weight loss, Lizzy’s frame is very small. No matter how much weight she loses, her bones will not protrude easily or look sickly. As long as Lizzy was happy and in a good mental state, fans let her be and assumed she would just gain weight back after their schedules died down, as usual.


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However, Lizzy’s promotion with Orange Caramel during the My Copycat era in 2017 didn’t succeed like it was expected to. It not only flopped digitally, but was their worst-selling comeback, with less than a fraction of what Catallena made in 2014.


Rumors of disbandment surfaced after Pledis Entertainment’s bank account was running dry, and they had halted all of their groups’ activities. Lizzy’s weight dropped more and more, every time she had an appearance in public.


Her fans think that the stress of always being on a tight-rope took a toll on her mind and body. As for now, Lizzy has been battling with malicious comments towards her and also her bad health condition with her body. Every time she has an opportunity to appear in public, Lizzy always shows her brightest smile, despite all of the hate she got.


After leaving Pledis Entertainment, Lizzy found a new agency. She even changed her stage name after joining the same agency as actress Oh Yeon-seo, Celltrion Management.


After a career with the name Lizzy along with After School, Lizzy is now changing her name to Park Soo-ah. Through an interview with International BNT Magazine, Lizzy revealed the news about her new career as an actress after being a singer and changing her stage name.


Park Soo-ah revealed she has no doubt about changing her stage name after the popularity she had from being Lizzy from After School. “I think I have shown you during your promotion as a singer,” Park Soo-ah said. “Honestly, I thought a lot before changing the stage name from Lizzy to Park Soo-ah. But seeing how my life is, this is a decision I don’t regret.”


It’s true I have regrets (at the back) at the level of recognition and career that I built during my Lizzy career. I want to slowly grow and have ambitions,” she explained. in her career as an actress, Park Soo-ah wants to try an evil character, and idolizes Gong Hyo-jin.


I will try my best on my role, but if given the chance, I want to try an evil character like Lee Yoo-ri. I think when I see a character that is different from me, impressive,” she added. “I’m a big fan of Gong Hyo-jin. Seeing how she confidently carries characters in her own way, she’s someone I want to emulate and respect.


Lizzy’s decision to change her name to Park Soo-ah certainly attracts the attention of netizens. But, unfortunately, the response received by the use of her real name, Park Soo-young, is actually negative.


Many sneered at Lizzy’s acting skills, which were considered bad for an actress. Even the netters predicted her career would not be successful despite the hassle of changing the stage name. Netters also considered that she had no talent at all, whether acting or singing.


It seems like she really changed her name to focus on acting, but she should stay away from acting,” commented the netters. “Don’t dream of playing an antagonistic character unless your acting is qualified. I never pay attention to her when playing a normal role but her bad acting is really seen with his antagonistic role,” added another netter.


I don’t think Lizzy has the remaining image. The funny thing is she thinks she can be an actress without having an image,” said another. “Her acting career is likely to fail for her. She is only good at variety shows. There is nothing special about her,” concluded another netter.


When discussing her relationship with the After School members who are now at different agencies than her, Park Soo-ah revealed their friendship and regrets that there are no more promotions with the members.


It would be more fun if there were more group promotions, so it’s sad. Members are like my sisters. We can’t meet often because of each other’s busy schedules, but we routinely communicate and celebrate members’ birthdays. We know each other for a long time so there are some things that don’t need to be said to understand each other.” – Park Soo-ah.


Lizzy has never spoken about her weight loss and doesn’t look to have been pressured to. But it is possibly due to certain events when stress or self-doubt took over. Her weight loss isn’t recent, despite common belief, and she has maintained her thin figure for over three years, possibly from her naturally slim frame.


Lizzy, who started her career all over again as an actress under the stage name of Park Soo-ah, made her special appearance in a K-Drama titled Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (hangul: 꽃 파당: 조선 혼담 공작소), that was aired on JTBC from September 16 –November 5, 2019.



Park Soo-ah played as the character of Lee Eun-young and appeared on Episode 1. As reported from Soompi, before she was in Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency, she also appeared in a web drama with B.A.P’s Youngjae, in Kim Seul Gi Genius, that was aired on JTBC.


If we can see from Park Soo-ah’s Instagram feeds, she posted a few pictures of her appearance in the drama Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency, looking so pretty and bright by wearing a traditional Hanbok, as it becomes one of the main costumes of the drama.


Beside her beautiful figure in the drama, she also had a chance to act in romantic scenes with some of the lead cast, too.


What do you think about actress Park Soo-ah’s appearance in Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency? Don’t forget to watch the drama to support her acting career!


Well, that was all for the information about After School’s UEE and Lizzy’s extreme diet and weight loss. Although they were so often talking about the secret of her slim body, they actually don’t deserve to get so much hate and malicious comments towards their body transformation and weight. Now they are promoting as actresses. Let’s keep supporting their careers so we can see more of their appearances in the future!