K-Drama Review: ‘Extraordinary You’ Is A Teen Romance Combined with Fantasy


Not  So Ordinary Youth Love Story That Will Blow Your Mind

The drama “Extraordinary You” is a youth and school drama that is full of emotional conflicts and has a unique storyline. The drama includes comical characters that that you might find in reality. The series is not related to bullying or any of the other things you generally find in high-school-themed dramas, instead, it has something out of the ordinary with the “shadow-stage” scene. You will deal with the “wait and see what happened” moment.

“Extraordinary You” is a K-drama that began airing in October 2019 on MBC. Let’s get to know about this drama in this Channel-Korea article below!

Extraordinary You: Review


The drama is a romantic comedy about two high school students, Eun Dan Oh (played by Kim Hye Yoon) and Ha Ru (played by Rowoon). Eun Dan Oh, who was born to a rich family, realizes that she and everyone else at her elite high school is a character in a comic called “Secret,” and she decides she want’s a different fate from the one laid out for her in the comic.

Eun Dan Oh is making a new character that she likes, Ha Ru, although in the comic she is engaged to enter into an arranged marriage with Baek Kyung (played as Lee Jae Wook).

She has had a congenital heart condition since she was young, yet her fiancé still doesn’t seem to care for her.


Something happens to her such that she loses a lot of recent memories, then she develops a plan to change the fate which is laid out for her in the comic, marrying Baek Kyung, and find her one true love, Ha Ru. They set forth to challenge the manhwa world created by the comic’s writer.

This drama is quite easy to enjoy because there is plenty of humor and bright, fun scene. The series is full of a lot of new actors and actresses who are new to the industry and are being given the opportunity to show what they’ve got, and the very first episodes offers an enjoyable and intriguing storyline that draws viewers in.

This drama is suitable for audiences who are looking for something which is both heartwarming and very entertaining.

Extraordinary You: The Cast


Kim Hye Yoon plays Eun Dan Oh. This character is a sassy and adorable high school student. She realized of her fate is already laid out for her in the comic world, and she learns how to fight it in favor of a fate she devises herself.


Rowoon plays Ha Ru, who is an extra lead character created by Eun Dan Oh. He has a mystery in his past, and he teams up with Dan Oh to change the comic story into a better future for them.


Another major player is Oh Nam Joo (played by Kim Young Dae), who becomes the classic jerk male lead.


There is also Yeo Joo Da (played by Lee Na Eun), who is the super-kind female lead who constantly needs to rescue others.


Lee Do Hwa (played as Jung Gun Joo) is the sweet second lead character, who always gets to pine after Yeo Joo Da.


Finally, there is Jin Mi Chae (played as Lee Tae Ri), who is the chef at the school, and who is the mysterious man that looks like he understands the comic world and its inhabitants.

Extraordinary You: The Soundtracks

1.April- Feeling

This is an energetic song meant to capture the feeling of people who are falling in love. “Feeling” is sung by the girl group April, and one of the members of the group is also a member of the cast, Na Eun.

The lyrics tell about how people could fall in love and the feelings that go with that.

2. Verivery- My Beauty

The idol group Verivery also performed one of the soundtracks for this drama. The boy group Verivery offers ear-catching music with the song titled “My Beauty.”

The song’s lyrics are about a boy who is crazy in love with a beautiful girl. The lyrics express all the sweet things he thinks about the girl he likes.

The song has a feel and beat and will lift any mood.

3. Sondia-First Love

This song is an easy-listening ballad that has become one the favorite soundtracks from this series. “First Love,” sung by Sondia, really served harmonious and tender music that could bring you a lot of enjoyment.

Sondia’s vocals are very suitable for the music. This melancholy song is describing the beauty of first love.

4. Epitone Project- First Love

The same song “First Love” is also sang by Epitone. This song was apparently written by the Epitone Project.

this version of the song offered a whole different feeling, even though has the same lyrics.

the Epitone Project makes the “First Love” sweeter, while Sondia makes this song feel more soulful. both versions deliver the song’s meaning beautifully.

Which one do you prefer?

5. Gotcha-Today

The soundtrack titled “Today” is sung by Gotcha, and tells about someone who wants to reveal his feelings.

The song’s lyrics are full of romantic lines and add the soul to the drama “Extraordinary You”.

6. Sondia – A Story Never Told

This song tells about love that is just coming into someone’s life, making them realize the presence of first love is what needed. This also captures the feelings that could not be revealed to the first love. YES, another love story song which compiled the drama story “Extraordinary You”.

This ballad song is very much easy-listening!