K-Drama Review: A Dark and Twisted Story of High School Students in ‘Extracurricular’

Extracurricular: The Soundtracks


Extracurricular presents a great soundtrack that matches the theme shown. Check out the list of the songs that played on the Netflix series, Extracurricular!

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5 Reason Why You Should Watch ‘Extracurricular’


The Casts

Extracurricular drama is filled with good actors and actress as the main role, such as Kim Dong-hee, Park Joo-hyun, Nam Yoon-soo, and Jung Da-bin. Kim Dong-hee had his first lead role with this drama. He had been acting on some great dramas before, like Sky Castle and Itaewon Class. This drama also bringing Jung Da-bin, who is had been acting since childhood. She’s been acting for dramas like, She Was Pretty, Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, My Sassy Girl, and Should We Kiss First. It’s also the second project for Park Joo-hyun as a rookie actress.

Plot Twist and Story Line

Extracurricular is packaged nicely with cool cinematography, good shooting, and interesting plot. Narrates the story of the high schoolers who engaged in multiple events that contradict morals and human values. The drama, directed by Kim Jin-min, is quite successful and has many unique viewers in various countries. Kim Jin-min had been produced a lot of popular K-drama such as Lawless Lawyer, The Liar, and His Lover, Marriage Contract, Pride and Prejudice, and God of War. The screen-writer, Jin Han-sae successfully Write a storyline that is so different and unique, and even successful, that a lot of people like it.


Teen-Crime Genre

The theme of this drama is the motives behind the crimes committed by adolescents, making it interesting to watch. Not only teen-crime, but the drama also has some sort of action and thriller. Oh, Ji-soo risks his life on the wrong answer. He is a model student in school, but a clever criminal outside of school. The drama tells the stories of four high school students who end up deciding a criminal life.

10 Episodes in One Released

Unlike many dramas, Extracurricular are released once on April 29, 2020, with 10 episodes at a time. Now, you don’t have to wait for many days to watch the next episodes because you can watch it a marathon!


The Message and Lesson Behind It

At the end of each episode, there’s a message inviting us to be more sensitive to our surroundings. Each character is present in the state of loss of the figure of both parents. This implies the importance of the role and presence of a parent in adolescents’ lives so as not to fall into unwanted lives. This drama also features an irony about juvenile delinquency and presents health issues that are still considered embarrassing to be identified. Each character shows symptoms of psychological disorders as a result of their life struggle.



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