Detailed Explanation Of Shiny Art Festival by Shiny Foundation (Formed By SHINee’s Jong-hyun’s Family)

2nd Shiny Art Festival: Dear Moon

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The Shiny Foundation held their second art festival on December 21, 2019, at Gwanglim’s Art Center, with the theme ‘Dear Moon.’ It was focused on both the life and career of Jonghyun, and also the primary purpose of the Shiny Foundation.

Based on several fan account owners that came to the event, many of those closest and cherished people by Jonghyun attended. There was SHINee’s Minho with Onew’s parents and Taemin’s parents, Red Velvet’s Yeri and Wefreaky’s Soojin (he is Jonghyun’s childhood and longtime best friend, and also a member of his composition team).

The current students of Zion School, which Jonghyun attended during his teenage years, were invited to perform a song called ‘End Of the Day’ alongside with Okdal and a number of those that he worked with as a DJ on ‘Blue Night Radio.’

The event itself was sponsored by MBC Radio, which was aired during Okdal performing their song called ‘Thank You For the Great Work Today.’ There was also a performance of ‘Only One You Need’ and the percussion rendition of ‘Hallelujah.’

There was also a segment where they did a poetry reading. You can take a look at the video below!

Several artists who weren’t able to come to the event sent heart-warming messages. The artists including SHINee’s Taemin, Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon, IU, Soran’s Go Young Bae, Shinkai Makoto, and Coffee Boy.

To all the people that could come during the event, they said that the second art festival was more ‘intimate and raw’. It also feels like there was more of Jonghyun included in the festival, compared to the first one. More of his voice, lyrics, images, and videos about him.

And that was all for today’s topic, we hope this article could help you to admire SHINee’s Kim Jonghyun more. Even though he’s not with us anymore, all of his creations and dedication towards music will be always remembered.

Until we meet again on the next article, see you later everyone~!