Everything You Need to Know About The Non-Korean K-Pop Group, EXP Edition


Is A Caucasian K-Pop Boy Group Possible?

K-Pop groups have been dominating the music scene lately, from Asia to North America, they are simply sweeping the charts. Riding on the Asian wave that has been gaining momentum in the US, groups, such as BTS and Blackpink, have proven to the general market that K-Pop has what it takes to make it big in the land of American Dreams. What seems to be interesting about both groups, and generally most groups dominating the K-Pop scene today, is that they are made up of only Asian members. Korean pop has been a defining genre with its Korean language and members mostly composed of Asian nationalities, such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai members. So would a group completely composed of Americans work in the predominantly Asian market?

Meet the K-Pop boy group EXP Edition which introduces the concept of American men being formed into a group, using the traditional Korean idol training system, debut and promoting in Korea. The group is composed of four distinctive members, all representing the American identity and is supposed to be a diverse group of people. Despite everything, they have packed their bags and moved to South Korea in order to fulfill their dreams of becoming a K-Pop idol. Not only that, so far, they have released three singles, all incorporating the Korean language. So what makes them any different from any other K-Pop group out there? What kind of reaction did they receive going into the industry? Can a group like this ever work? Let’s find out as we take an in-depth look into EXP Edition!

Profile and Facts About EXP Edition Members

Frankie’s Profile and Facts

Stage Name Frankie (프랭키)
Real Name Frankie DaPonte
Position Leader, Main Vocalist, Main Dancer
Date of Birth 1990
Height 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs)


– He is Portuguese but was born in Bristol, Rhode Island.
– He then moved to New York.
– Education: Hofstra University in Long Island, New York.
– His nickname is Franksta.
– He has dark green eyes.
– He is the self-proclaimed clumsiest member of the group.
– He had an older brother who died of cancer in 2013.
– He was in the movie “Box of Forgiveness.”
– He likes Samgyeopsal (Pork belly).
– He shares a room with Hunter.
– Ideal type: Someone who has great eyes, lots of confidence, and can make him laugh.

Hunter’s Profile and Facts

Stage Name Hunter (헌터)
Real Name Hunter Kohl
Position Rapper
Date of Birth 1988
Height 186 cm (6’1″)
Weight 71 kg (156 lbs)

– He is American.
– He was born in New York, USA.
– His rapper name is “Larry the Accountant.”
– He was a model for Bella Agency while living in New York.
– He has a 4D personality.
– His favorite movie is “Jaws.”
– He shares a room with Frankie.
– Ideal type: A girl with a great personality, who doesn’t take herself too seriously, and has a unique sense of style.

Sime’s Profile and Facts

Stage Name Sime (시메)
Real Name Šime Košta
Position Lead Vocalist
Date of Birth 1991
Height 190 cm (6’3″)
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs)

– He was born in Zadar, Croatia.
– He immigrated from Croatia to Scottsdale, Arizona, and then later moved to New York.
– Education: Chaparral High School (class of 2008), Arizona State University with a major in Music Theatre.
– He was a contestant in the show Phantom Singer 2.
– When he was younger, he recorded an EP of Catholic hymns and a track for a Croatian compilation album.
– During the time he lived in Croatia, he watched a lot of Korean movies.
– He is funny and charismatic.
– When he was younger, he had hip problems and because of this, it’s hard for him to learn dance moves.
– His favorite K-Pop song is “Bang Bang Bang” by BIGBANG.
– Fans usually ship him with Frankie, and their couple name is Franme.
– Sime’s arms are the same length as Frankie’s legs (he has really long arms).
– He shares a room with Koki.
– Ideal type: Someone who is driven and passionate, and makes him laugh.

Koki’s Profile and Facts

Stage Name Koki (코키)
Real Name Koki Tomlinson
Position Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Visual, Maknae
Date of Birth February 4, 1993
Height 186 cm (6’1″)
Weight 70 kg (154 lbs)

– He’s half Japanese and half German.
– His mother is Japanese and his father is German.
– He was born in Hong Kong.
– Education: Plano East High School, in Plano, Texas.
– He became interested in K-Pop during high school.
– He can play the guitar.
– His favorite K-Pop artist is Zion T.
– He is the member who eats the most.
– In 2016 he was in a commercial for Airheads Bites.
– He shares a room with Sime.
– He was a contestant in the show The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project but he didn’t make it past the first round.
– Ideal type: Someone older, with lots of confidence.

Pre-debut Members

Two band members – David Wallace and Tarion Anderson – decided that they would not go through with the project after the initial period of establishing basic foot of the project. This might be attributed to the fact that they needed to train a lot more which would take up a lot of time, as well as other contributing factors. Not only that, but the move to Korea to follow their dreams just might not have been a suitable career option for them.

EXP Edition’s Discography

In the three years the group has been active, it has come out with several different singles, one that they did not promote and two that were promoted on music shows. Check out all the sides EXP Edition has to offer below!

“LUV/WRONG” is EXP Edition’s first ever single, as a group that featured six members. It was created as part of a master’s thesis project, to imitate the usual K-Pop music and music video. All six members are still very new to the concept and tried to express the group in many different ways. Check out the music video above!

Then came EXP Edition’s first official single, as part of their debut in Korea, “Feel Like This,” which was released in 2017. This is the first time the group was featured as a quartet as they star in the high budget music video. The song could be described as quite refreshing and fitting the summer vibes that it tried to match. Check out the music video above!

Their latest single takes the form of the song titled “Stress.” As seen above, it could be described as being a lot darker and tougher than their previous singles. Check out the music video above!