Learn More About EXO’s Comeback With Their 4th Album, The War: Tracklist And Lyrics’ Meaning


No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. The Eve (전야 (前夜); Jeonya) Hwang Yoo-bin

Mike Woods, Kevin White, Andrew Bazzi, MZMC, Henry Lau, Rice n’ Peas

2. Power

JQ, Kim Hye-jung (makeumine works)

Greg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, James Matthew Norton, LDN Noise

3. Sweet Lies

Chanyeol, G.Soul

Joseph `Joe Millionaire` Foster, Tay Jasper, G.Soul, Otha `Vakseen` Davis III, MZMC

4. Ko Ko Bop

Kim Jong-dae, Park Chanyeol, Byun Baek-hyun, JQ, Hyun Ji-won

Kaelyn Behr, Tay Jasper, Shaylen Carroll, MZMC, Styalz Fuego

5. What U Do? Kenzie

Kenzie, Ronny Vidar Svendsen, Justin Stein

6. Forever Kenzie

Kenzie, LDN Noise, Adrian Mckinnon

7. Boomerang (부메랑; Bumelang) Jo Yoon-kyung

Daniel “Obi” Klein, Thomas Sardorff, Ilanguaq Lumholt

8. Diamond (다이아몬드; daiamondeu) Jo Yoon-kyung

Harvey Mason Jr., Michael “R!ot” Wyckoff, Britt Burton, Patrick “J. Que” Smith, Dewain Whitmore Jr.

9. Touch It (너의 손짓; neowi sonjit)

Kim Jong-dae, Jo Yoon-kyung

Carlos Battey, Steven Battey, David Delazyn, Chaz Mishan, Denzil “DR” Remedios, Ryan S. Jhun

10. Chill (소름; soreum)

Park Chanyeol, Seo Ji-eum

Darius Bryant, Julien Maurice Moore, G.Soul, Tay Jasper, Otha “Vakseen” Davis III, MZMC, Droyd

11. Walk on Memories (기억을 걷는 밤; gieokeul geodneun bam) Lee Seu-ran

Justin Reinstein, Wassily Gradovsky

12. Going Crazy (내가 미쳐 naega michyeo)

JQ, Seolim

Shim Jae-won, Shaun, Wilbart “Vedo” McCoy III, Paul “Marz” Thompson, MZMC, Otha “Vakseen” Davis III


The Eve (전야)


“The Eve” is an electro-pop song with heavy guitar and bass lines. This song preludes a fictional war after which EXO rebuilds a new world overnight. On July 21st, 2017, an EXO member said in a Music Bank interview about this song: “I am willing to correct myself and make a better tomorrow with my own strength.”

Mike Woods, one of the producers of “The Eve,” said in an interview that “The Eve” was originally titled “Black Dress.” The song was originally made for Henry Lau’s project, but they “all felt that it going to EXO would be best for everyone as it was a perfect record for them.” The song was written during a writing camp for SM, he said: “We basically write one to two songs a day for about 10 days and see what we come up with.” “The Eve” came about on the fourth day of the camp and only took us one day to complete, from the conception of music and lyrics to the final composition. We recorded the demo for the song the same day of conception.”

Lyrics of “The Eve” (in English):

“We must break it apart and clash against it
So we can see ourselves
We must shout out loud
So it spreads wide and far
The moment soft lights spread out
And chases away the darkness
We must wake up again
To the new morning”


“Power” is the title track of EXO’s 4th repackaged album The Power of Music. The track is an Electronic Dance Music (or EDM) song that features a dynamic sound, strong drum beats, and an addictive chorus. Lyrically, the song talks about how we can become stronger through the power of music that unites everyone. The music video is one part of an elaborate storyline EXO has been hinting through their previous releases, music videos, and concerts, with references to their “powers.”

“Power” is the first Korean song to be played at The Dubai Fountain, the world’s 2nd largest choreographed fountain. EXO also performed the song as part of their set-list at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics closing ceremony.

Lyrics of “Power”:

“We got that power power
이 음악을 통해
같이 한목소리로 노래할 때
Power power
더 강해지는 걸
Turn the music up now”

Sweet Lies

“Sweet Lies” is an emotional PB R&B song that captures the ears with a dark synthesizer, dreamy piano riff, and powerful drum sound. EXO’s member Chanyeol has co-written the lyrics, which tell a story of a man who is maintaining a dangerous love with his sweet lies.

Lyrics of “Sweet Lies”:

“I tell her
Sweet lies sweet lies sweet lies
세상에서 가장 달콤한 거짓 Baby
I tell her
Sweet lies sweet lies
원하는 게 이거라면 다 해줄게”

Ko Ko Bop

Inspired by “Down Down Baby,” a play on rhythm popular among children in England and America, the track presents an energetic reggae-pop sound that appeals to the ears with the combination of the rhythmical reggae guitar and the heavy bass sounds.

In the track, EXO members sing about how to “let your body move” as it wants and dances together on the night before the inevitable war, thus, symbolizing living a happy life before facing one’s daily struggles. Also, the title “Ko Ko Bop” is a combination of words ‘Ko Ko’ which means fun and ‘Bop’ which means dancing according to music. Thus meaning: “to dance with the rhythm.” The opening lyrics, “Shimmie Shimmie Ko Ko Bop” was a reference to the 1959 song “Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko-Bop” by Little Anthony & The Imperials.

EXO’s Chen, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun participated in writing the lyrics that encourage individuals not to be shy and dance away the last night to the rhythm before the unavoidable, fateful war occurs.

Lyrics of “Ko Ko Bop”:

“It goes down down baby
리듬에 온몸을
It goes down down baby
맡기고 소리쳐 Oh 우린 Oh
We going Ko Ko Bop”

What U Do?

“What U Do?” is an electronic pop song that features cheerful guitar sounds and electronic sounds. The hit song maker, Kenzie, had participated in the composition and wrote the lyrics to express the feelings honestly and openly towards the lover.

Lyrics of “What U Do?”:

“What U do?
이렇게 Ooh 사랑해 Ooh
What U do?
Got me like Ooh Got me like Ooh

Love you right
Baby 둘만의 시간
(Let’s stay up all night)
What U do?
이렇게 Ooh 사랑해 Ooh (사랑해)”


“Forever” is produced by British producer, Team London Noise (or LDN Noise) who has also composed previous EXO hits such as “Monster,” “Lucky One,” and “Lotto,” and hit-maker Kenzie participated in the composition and melted the story of eternal love into the lyrics.

The song is an electro-pop track with an addictive signature sound and 80s bass and intense synthesizer.

Lyrics of “Forever”:

“You could be my only star
You could be the moonlight
이대로 우리 영원하자 Forever

Forever (Forever, forever)
Forever (Forever)”

Boomerang (부메랑)

“Boomerang” is a disco based medium tempo song with a catchy bassline and charming and funky rhythm, where the lyrics of the song talk about a man who wishes to leave his lover but ends up eventually returning to her like a boomerang.

Lyrics of “Boomerang”:

“거짓말처럼 Turn back
멀리 날 던져 봐도 결국 Boomerang
또 Turn back
약속한 듯이 되돌아와 버린 Boomerang
어느새 난 다시 제자린 걸 (Hey hey hey)
더 높이 더 멀리 날아 보려 해도
네게 Turn back”

Diamond (다이아몬드)

“Diamond” is a hip-hop R&B track composed by world-renowned producer, The Underdogs, with lyrics expressing humanity’s value as the value of diamonds that never change.

The focal point of this song is the lyrics that compare human values to an unchanging diamond. The song also consists of heavy bass and drums along with the guitar and horn which add exotic tones making the song more appealing to the ears.

Lyrics of “Diamond”:

“Shinin’ shinin’ just like a diamond
Blindin’ blindin’ you like a diamond
Shinin’ shinin’ just like a diamond
Blindin’ blindin’ you like a diamond
Shinin’ shinin’ just like a diamond
Blindin’ blindin’ you like a diamond”

Touch It (너의 손짓)

“Touch It” is a memorable dance song with a rhythmical bass riff and cheerful sounds of the brass creating a catchy melody that is easy to sing along.

The lyrics were written by EXO’s Chen, in which the lyrics depict a man getting nervous and doesn’t know what to do with the slightest touch of the girl he fancies.

Lyrics of “Touch It”:

“All my ladies say yeah (Nanana)
Ay, 한목소리로 feel me? (Nanana)
All my ladies say yeah (Nanana)
Yo, yo sing it again (Nanana)

Oh you got what I want
Ay, ay 내겐 너만 있으면 돼
(그게 다야 Babe)
Oh you got what I want
Ay, ay 내 옆에만 있으면 돼”

Chill (소름)

“Chill” is an R&B, dance song featuring retrospective synthesizer sound and funky drums. EXO’s Chanyeol participated in writing the lyrics and making the rap for the song, and the lyrics interestingly describe how a man ‘feels the chills’ for not being able to pull himself away from the woman due to his attraction to the woman’s beauty.

Lyrics of “Chill” (in English):

“You’re beautiful that’s why I’m afraid
A deep trap, you’re looking at me
I’m already tied up
And going to you

When I see you, when I see you
I keep getting chills”

Walk on Memories (기억을 걷는 밤)

“Walk On Memories” is a pop R&B song featuring delicate melodies and beautiful piano melodies. The track is based on a simple piano roofing.

The adventurous changes seen in the last refrain are impressive. The lyrics talk about a walk along with your loved one at dawn and remembering the memories that have been forgotten along with your loved ones. The lyrics further enhance the dreamy atmosphere of the song.

Lyrics of “Walk On Memories”:

“아무도 몰래
Do it do it do it do it do it do it
밤새 걸어봐
Do it do it do it do it do it do it
발걸음 닿는 곳마다 환히 펼쳐진
그 길 따라 너와 걷고 싶은
아름다운 밤

이제 눈을 떠
Do it do it do it do it do it do it
잊지 말아줘
Do it do it do it do it do it do it
언젠가 너의 옆에서 발걸음 맞춰
그 길 따라 함께 걷고 싶은
아름다운 밤”

Going Crazy (내가 미쳐)

“Going Crazy” is an R&B dance song that drew a lot of attention after it was pre-released on screen during EXO’s second solo concert, EXO PLANET #2 – The EXO`luXion -.

The song features lyrics that depict a man suffering because of the woman he loves, but has never been able to turn away from her.

Lyrics of “Going Crazy” (in English):

“Woo, I’m going crazy
Only a thick scar called you remains
Not even able to erase it
I’m going crazy

Going crazy
(Go go going crazy)

My heart is racing as if it’ll explode
I wanna know what’s next
Adrenaline rush, spreading all throughout my body
Don’t know what you do to me Oh”


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