Wow! EXO’s Suho Showing Off His Toned Abs on Stage!


Check Out EXO’s Suho’s Toned Abs

In the world of K-pop, everyone has heard the name of the boy group EXO. The group that many called ‘The Kings of K-pop’ debuted in 2011 with originally 12 members divided into 2 subgroups: EXO-K and EXO-M.

Though right now EXO is a 9-member group, the hardships that they continuously face do not keep them from climbing up the stairs of fame. One of the many reasons behind their perseverance is due to their wise leader Suho, whose real name is Kim Jun-Myeon.

Kim Jun-Myeon’s leadership in guiding EXO is obviously not questionable. Additionally, fans are curious about the eye-catching abs he often shows off on stage. They often wonder how a cute face like his can have abs that good.

Turns out, Suho is someone who enjoys working out at the gym. Some evidence of this is when singer Park Joon-Hyun posted a picture on his social media account. In that picture, Park Joon-Hyun, Running Man members Kim Jong-Kook and Lee Kwang-Soo, and EXO members Chanyeol, Kai, and Suho were all posing in what seemed to be a gym. It said in the caption that they were all working out until late that night, and Suho and Chanyeol are actually regulars there with Kai recently joining them.

All in all, it is no wonder that Suho enjoys flaunting his abs for his beloved fans to see on stage. After all, they are the beautiful result of his hard work that he wants to share. For those who are curious, one event when Suho ripped his clothes off for the public to see was when he was performing in Tokyo on November 7, 2015, for the concert The Exo’luXion.