Take a Look at EXO’s Appearance in ‘Running Man’

Running Man: Episode 327

Running Man 327

The theme for Running Man episode 327 was “Bromance War,” and this time, only D.O came to the show because he just starred in a movie titled My Annoying Brother. He appeared on the show alongside Jo Jung-suk who also starred in the same movie. In this episode, D.O teamed up with Lee Kwang-soo. In the opening, the two celebrities met with their respective teammates, Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Kwang-soo. After they met, they showed their ‘bromance’ by eating a string of spaghetti with their teammate and had to cut it as short as they could.

After that, they went to the set where other members were waiting. The first mission was discovered, and they had to pull each other’s scalp. The first one to yell would lose and be ousted from the game, and the last one remaining would be the winner. In this game, there were many funny moments you could find, such as D.O who pulls really hard but keeps his poker face intact that fools the other cast members. In the end, Kim Jong-kook, who’s known for his power, won this game.

Running Man 327 Sing

After that, the team had to sing and gain the highest point to win. However, they didn’t know that if the audience stood up out of joy, they would get a bonus point. At first, Haha and Song Ji-hyo got the highest point, which was 91, but there was no one who stood up during their performance. However, when Jo Jung-suk and Yoo Jae-suk performed, they got 86 points and everyone stood up after the performance, which brought them the victory. Because they won, Jo Jung-suk could choose a card first. But, even though he got this advantage, in the end, he got the worst card he could get – the penalty card.

The second mission was a picture association quiz where they had a special buzzer to answer the question. In the first round, the special buzzer was aegyo. On the first question, Kim Jong-kook and Jo Jung-suk fought their way to answer the question. However, even though Kim Jong-kook tried as hard as possible to show his aegyo, the staff gave the chance to answer to Jo Jung-suk.

Running Man 327 Aegyo

For the next question, they still used the same buzzer to answer the question. After the problem was shown by the staff, Lee Kwang-soo went over and tried to give the answer by whispering to D.O, but was misunderstood because D.O jumped out of surprise because of him. After giving the answer, D.O stepped forward and tried his best to show aegyo. The other cast members protested that it’s not an aegyo, but the staff acknowledged it and their team got it right.

At the end of the game, Jo Jung-suk’s team placed first, Kim Jong-kook’s team placed second, D.O’s team placed third, and the last place was Haha’s team.

Running Man 327 Night Market Bingo

The third game was a game of “Night Market Bingo.” Using the hints of pictures on a bingo board, the teams had to visit the relevant store and complete the mission. The first team to complete a row would become the winner of this game. At the end of the game, Lee Kwang-soo and D.O managed to win by finishing more missions than the other teams.

The final mission for this episode was “Find the Matching Cards.” If each team had two matching cards, they could discard them and take one of the cards that are held by the team on their left. However, when they discarded the cards, they also had to do the action written on the cards to prove that they have discarded them. The team who would discard all their cards would be able to avoid the penalty, while the last team to hold the penalty card will receive the penalty.

Running Man 327 Matching Card

After neck-to-neck match, Lee Kwang-soo and D.O succeeded to escape first from the penalty. After their win, the next team, which was Jo Jung-suk’s team and Kim Jong-kook’s team, won consecutively and left Haha’s team to receive the penalty.

You can see a few clips of the episode here:

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