Take a Look at EXO’s Appearance in ‘Running Man’

Running Man

Take a Closer Look of EXO’s Appearance in Running Man!

Running Man is a popular variety show in Korea where the cast of the show has to complete a mission given by the staff within a day. It is not rare for them to invite singers, actors, or idol groups to their show. Since the first airing of the show, until now, Running Man has invited hundreds, perhaps thousands of celebrities to their show, including EXO. Today, Channel-Korea will give you a run-through of everything about Running Man episodes in which EXO members have appeared in. So stay tuned!

Running Man: Episode 171

Running Man 171 Opening

EXO first appeared on Running Man in episode 171. At the time, EXO was still a 12-member group, and 11 out of the 12 members appeared on the show. The cast of the show had to play a game of hide-and-seek with EXO members as their last mission in a department store, however, they had to take turns to become the seeker and the one who has to hide. Because the cast of the show chose the wrong answer in their previous mission, they had to hide first while EXO were the seekers first.

Running Man Episode 171

After searching for a while, Kai first found one of the cast members of the show, Kim Jong-kook, hiding in the back storage of a store. Kai whined asking for help because he couldn’t handle him alone, then Baekhyun rushed to help him. Not only Baekhyun, but the other members started approaching and help him too, driving Kim Jong-kook to a tight spot. After struggling for a while, finally, Suho got Kim Jong-kook’s name tag ripped.

Not long after that, Chen spotted Gary who was running to a clothing store to hide. Together with Lay and Sehun, they chased after him and ripped his name tag in a short while. After that, it was time for them to change roles with the cast members of Running Man. They hurriedly searching for a place to hide, mostly in the back storage of a store. While they were searching for a place to hide, a funny thing happened where Kris accidentally bumped his head in a store’s glass window and tripped over his own feet for no reason.

Just in a short time, the cast of Running Man was able to oust Kris, Baekhyun, D.O, and Xiumin. The remaining EXO members continued trying their best to hide, and the preview of the next episode was viewed when there was only 1 minute until the next rotation.

You can see a few clips of the episode here:

Running Man: Episode 172

Running Man 172

In the opening of this episode, Running Man shows the continuation of the hide-and-seek game from the previous episode. Because there were only 20 seconds left before the rotation, Suho and Tao confidently yelled and revealed their hiding location, which was in an elevator. Yoo Jae-suk who noticed them, went into the elevator and smoothly ripped the two boys’ name tags right before their turn ends, leaving the two boys amazed and in shock.

When the time for rotation came, the cast of Running Man went to hide again. This time, Lee Kwang-soo tried to hide by pretending to be a mannequin of a store. Meanwhile, Kai went back to his previous hiding place, thinking that there’s no way there would be someone hiding there. However, he found Ji Suk-jin hiding behind the boxes and quickly eliminated him. The scene changed to Lee Kwang-soo who felt that he’s not safe by pretending to be a mannequin and switched his place with his VJ. However, his height itself is too outstanding, which caused him to quickly be discovered by Luhan. After a few members came to help Luhan, they ousted Lee Kwang-soo and took a photo as proof of their achievement.

The time for rotation came again, and the cast of Running Man became the seekers once again. And during this time, while EXO members were faced with elimination, many funny moments occurred, such as Lay begging Yoo Jae-suk not to oust him because he’s a big fan of him, which absolutely did not work on the latter. The cast of Running Man quickly eliminated the remaining members of EXO until the only one left was Kai.

While Kai was busy trying to hide, Song Ji-hyo spotted him and started to chase him. The other members also noticed it and went to help her. Despite Kai doing his best to slip away from the cast of the show, he was eventually caught and eliminated, which brought Running Man team to a victory.

You can see a few clips of the episode here:

Running Man: Episode 209

Running Man 209

The next time EXO members appeared on Running Man was in episode 209. However, this time, there were only two members who came, Kai and Sehun. They came alongside SHINee’s Taemin, ex-Sistar Soyou, Moon Hee-jun, Sechskies’ Eun Ji-won, g.o.d’s Danny Ahn, and Chun Myung-hoon as the guests. The two, together with Taemin and Soyou, represented the New Idols led by Haha. The cast and the guests were divided into three teams: New Idols, Original Idols (led by Kim Jong-kook), and Running Idols (remaining Running Man cast members) to play in the Triangle Mystery Race.

Running Man 209 Basketball

The first game was a game of basketball, but the teams had to play it in the water. The rules of the game said that points would be scored if the teams shot the ball to their respective teammates standing on a platform located in the center, but if the ball is caught by a different team, the point would go to the catcher’s team. However, the game quickly turned into chaos where everyone just pushed each other out of the way. Not only that, but Moon Hee-jun even took it to the next step and bit Haha’s butt. At the end of the game, the New Idols team managed to gain two hints for the last mission.

Running Man 209 New Idols

Their second game was a 1:1:1 nametag-ripping-wrestling match, and the teams had to choose between water, sand, and mud. As if the god of variety had sided with them, the first match took place in the mud. The first match was Ji Suk-jin vs Kai vs Moon Hee-jun. At first, Ji Suk-jin told Kai to take a rest while he takes Moon Hee-jun out in a second. Everyone thought that he’s just bluffing, but it turned out to be true and Moon Hee-jun was eliminated in just a moment. At last, Kai faced Ji Suk-jin and they struggled to oust each other. In the end, Kai went victorious and his team managed to go to the finals.

After the Running Idols team went head to head with the Original Idols team, the latter won the match and advanced to the finals. This time, Kai went first again and had to face Danny Ahn. However, he was beaten by Danny Ahn who’s known for his wrestling skills since Dream Team. After that, Taemin went and faced Danny Ahn. Even after holding his ground well, Danny Ahn still managed to beat him and the Original Idols team gained two hints thanks to him.

Running Man 209 Pebbles

The third game they had to play was a pebble game. One team member from each team was given a pebble to reveal it to the teams. Each person would guess the total number of pebbles in all their hands from 0 to 3, but the teams that had the wrong guess would go flying into the pool. In this game, Song Ji-hyo who’s known for her luck continued to guess right and sent the other team members flying to the pool. Eun Ji-won tried to cheat but was discovered and in the end. Running Idols team won the game thanks to Song Ji-hyo’s guess.

Running Man 209 Final Mission

In the final mission, the teams had to solve the Triangle mystery and escape the locked gates. So far, the hints collected by New Idols team and Running Idols team were three, while Original Idols team only had two. To complete the puzzle, each team had to make nine triangles using five dots and seven lines. The teams started to brainstorm on how to make nine triangles, but they failed and failed over again. Until Running Idols team came up with eight triangles, they readjusted some lines and finally completed the puzzle, bringing them as the victors of the mission.

You can see a few clips of the episode here: