Let’s Take a Closer Look at EXO’s Luxury Dorm!


The Most Famous And Multitalented South Korean Boy-Group “EXO”

EXO (Korean: 엑소) is a South Korean-Chinese boy-group based in Seoul. The media has called them “the best boy-band in the world”, saying “EXO is in the leading position of pop domination, with sharp and nimble choreography reinforced by songs made by some of the world’s most talented writers and producers, and honed by a myriad of personalities and talents.”

In May, 2014, Kris filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to end his contract with the agency. Luhan followed, filing a lawsuit in October, 2014, for the same purpose. In April, 2015, Tao ended his activities with EXO, and also filed suit against S.M. Entertainment in August, 2015. Following the departure of the three members, EXO continues to be active with nine members. In July, 2016, it was announced that the lawsuits for termination of the contracts between Kris and Luhan with SM Entertainment had officially ended, with an agreement of his second contract with SM  will still be valid until 2022.

Like A Mall, All Kinds Of Things Are Inside EXO’s Luxury Dorm

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Who doesn’t know this South Korean boy-group, EXO? Besides being handsome and talented performers, it turns out that the members live in a dorm that can’t be beat!

Like a mall, their dorm is super complete! We got to take a look at it when the Chinese variety show Yummy Yummy visited EXO’s ‘nest’!

The living room is very artsy and colorful, and providing a comfortable place to hang out!


Besides that, they also have a super-complete library room, full of books and comics!


EXO’s kitchen is equipped so many kinds of food, snacks and vitamins, it almost looks like a grocery store!


And this is the rec room where members can play billiards, darts, and other entertainments!


All the EXO members have their own dressing room, housing all their clothes and shoes.


Their youngest member, Sehun, once said that their dorm even has a small space set aside to practice dancing! Wow Amazing!



That was EXO’s luxury dorm. Unfortunately, EXO members have since moved from the dorm for reasons of safety and security, but, their new dorm is even nicer and more luxurious than their old dorm!