Check Out the Styles of EXO Members in the ‘Love Shot’ Era

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Get Unready With the Phenomenal South Korean Boy-Group That’s the “Quintuple Million Seller” Under SM Entertainment, ‘EXO’

EXO is a Korean-Chinese boy-group which originally had 12 members and is sheltered under SM Entertainment label. The group is divided into two groups or sub-units; EXO-K includes Suho, Bekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai, and Sehun, and EXO-M includes Xiumin, Luhan, Kris, Lay, Chen, and Tao. Before their official debut, EXO-K and EXO-M released their first prologue single titled “What Is Love” on January 30, 2012. After that, they released a second prologue single, entitled “History”, which was released on March 9, 2012. EXO-K and EXO M debuted on April 9, 2012, with the song “MAMA”, from their min-album of the same name.

EXO-K and EXO-M performed music in boh Korean and Mandarin, until 2014. EXO has been a group since then, still releasing and delivering music in several languages. After the departure of Kris, Luhan, and Tao amid lawsuits in 2014 and 2015, the group remained with nine members. Since 2016, Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin have also released music and appeared as a sub-unit called EXO-CBX. All the EXO members also have solo careers in fields such as music, film, and television.

On October 31, 2018, the agency overseeing EXO, SM Entertainment, announced that the latest (and EXO’s fifth) album, entitled “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo”, managed to generate a fantastic number of pre-orders, with 1,104,617 copies. This is a sign that EXO has again won the Million Seller title for the sale of their latest album. Not only have they re-won the million seller title for the sale of their physical albums, EXO also officially held the latest title, Quintuple Million Seller. Quintuple million sellers means selling one million copies for the fifth time. Previously, in 2013, EXO was able to sell one million physical albums from their first album titled “XOXO”. They then again surpassed the 1 million mark with their second album in 2015, and officially became a triple million seller last year with “EX’ACT”. The repackaged “LOTTO” album also succeeded in surpassing the sales figure of 1 million. And for the fourth album in 2017, “The War”, it also managed to reach 1 million albums, which made them become Quadruple Million sellers.

EXO’s Members’ Sexy Appearance in the Love Shot Era


After a successful comeback with their 5th album, titled “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo”, in November 2018, this year EXO resumed their musical discography through a repackaged album titled “Love Shot”. The album, which will be officially launched on December 13, 2018, will later have 4 new songs added. Among them  are the song with the same name as the album titled “Love Shot” in two versions (Korean and Chinese), “Wait”, and “Trauma”.

It was later revealed that the lyrics for :Love Shot” were also specially written by two EXO members, Chanyeol and Chen! This collaboration between Chen and Chanyeol had previously produced several other songs for EXO, including “Ko Ko Bop” and “Promise”.

As fans look forward to the catchy nuances, SM Entertainment has already heated up the fans’ interest by releasing photos from Suho and friends on EXO’s official Instagram account, @weareone.exo. Different from the “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” album, which has a rebellious and mysterious background, in the “Love Shot” era we can witness the transformation of EXO into sexy and masculine men.

EXO’s Love Shot Teaser

EXO’s Love Shot Music Video

EXO Continues Local And International Chart Domination With “Love Shot”

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After a successful comeback with “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo”, EXO followed up with another successful release, their fifth repackaged album, “Love Shot”. The album, which was unveiled to the public on December 13, has been taking over domestic and international charts since its release. It debuted on top of realtime charts of Melon, Bugs, and Naver upon its release. It also showcased the boys’ global power as the album dominated the iTunes charts in 60 countries.

Even after the end of EXO’s first week of promotions, Love Shot showed no sign of slowing down. It secured the number one spot on South Korea’s weekly album charts including Hanteo Chart, HOTTRACKS, Synnara Record, and Kyobo Book Centre.

The boy-group continues to top the iTunes Albums Charts in 62 regions and emerged on top of the Xiami Music Chart in China with its fifth repackaged album. EXO is expected to continue its promotions for the album through music program performances of the lead single “Love Shot”.

EXO’s ‘Love Shot’ Album Goes Platinum on Gaon Chart!


EXO again proved that they were able to reply to negative rumors with achievement. After tripping over the plagiarism issue in the song ‘Love Shot’, EXO corrected by entering 5 names from the songwriter and producer of the song “Back to You”, by One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, even though it only happened in about 15 seconds. That means EXO must share royalties with that One Direction member.

Apart from the problem of plagiarism, EXO shared happy news for their fans, EXO-L. The song “Love Shot” has just received platinum certification from the Gaon Chart.

The Gaon Chart is a South Korean national record from a collaboration of the Korea Music Content Industry Association with the local Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. This Gaon Chart is similar to the Billboard (America) and the Oricon (Japanese) charts.

To get a certificate from the Gaon Chart there are several conditions, one of which is the album was released by South Koreans. As quoted from the official website of, there are 3 types of certifications include Album, Download, and Streaming.

EXO won the Platinum Album category certification. “Love Shot” which was released on December 13, 2018, was successfully ranked first in the Gaon Chart, because the album sold 250 thousand copies.

In addition to the “Love Shot” album, EXO’s fifth album, “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo”, also won the Million certification on the Gaon Chart on January 11, 2019. The album has sold over 1 million since its release on November 2, 2018.

Quoting the Gaon Chart certification list as of January 1, 2018, there were only 17 albums that were certified, and the great 2 of EXO’s albums and 1 of EXO-CBX’s album ‘Blooming Days’ made it into the list.

Suho in Love Shot


Suho looks handsome with his sharp gaze. In addition, he also looks sexy when he’s showing his abs. In the teaser uploaded by EXO’s official Instagram account, weareone.exo, Suho uses a dark brown hairstyle that adds to his sexy impression.


Xiumin in Love Shot


In the teaser uploaded ro EXO’s official Instagram account, weareone.exo, Xiumin uses a dark brown hairstyle with his sharp gaze. Unlike the leader, Xiumin gave a frightening impression without showing his abs, but still looked really sexy.

Chen in Love Shot


Not inferior to other EXO members, EXO’s Vocal King still keeps the same hairstyle as he had for EXO’s fifth album. Chen also displayed his masculine side with a fierce gaze.

Chanyeol in Love Shot


Never disappointing in any photoshoot, EXO’s Main Rapper gives a very sexy impression with his sharp gaze. This time, Chanyeol appeared with black hair that made their fans, EXO-L, fall in love with the charm and visual displayed by EXO’s rapper.

Baekhyun in Love Shot


For this teaser, Baekhyun, who used to appear with a cheerful impression, comes off as looking rather fierce. Baekhyun appeared with dark brown hair with a chest that was slightly left open.

D.O in Love Shot


Appearing with his distinctive black hairstyle, D.O displayed a fierce impression with his very sharp eyes.

Kai in Love Shot


In this teaser, EXO’s main dancer appears in a suit that clearly shows his perfect abs. EXO’s second youngest member managed to make his fans hysterical showing off his sexy abs, coupled with his hairstyle which further adds to the sexy impression.

Sehun in Love Shot

Just like Kai, EXO’s youngest member also surprised his fans by showing off his abs. With a disheveled hairstyle, Sehun displayed his fierce and cold impression.