EXO’s Sehun’s Lovely Pet Vivi And Their Cute Moments

sehun & vivi

Let’s Catch Up With EXO’s Sehun and His Adorable Dog, Vivi!

Since Sehun from EXO introduced Vivi in 2016, all his fans always look forward to more updates about the little dog! They treat him as their own ‘virtual’ pet, even though they’ve never met the animal in real life. But EXO-Ls show their love towards Vivi, anyway. Moreover, fans always get excited to see any of the interactions between Sehun and his cute pet! Through this article, Channel Korea will give you those adorable moments between Sehun and Vivi, so stay tuned!

EXO’s Sehun and Vivi On Camera


EXO-Ls are already familiar with the sweet interactions between Sehun and his lovely pet, Vivi! It has often been seen that on Sehun’s days off, he likes to spend the majority of his time playing with Vivi. Besides that, Sehun has brought his pet to his V Live sessions, and even brought him during his entertainment activities, as well!

And here are a bunch of Vivi’s portraits along with EXO’s Sehun:


Sehun takes a lot of selfies with Vivi, and uploads them to his Instagram and other social media.


Another selfie from Sehun and Vivi! The mixture of white fur on Vivi and pink shirt on Sehun looks really great together, right?


During My Little Television show, Sehun brought Vivi during the show and showed their closeness towards each other!


Vivi has also often appeared during V Live sessions along with Sehun! The way Sehun kissed Vivi was really adorable, right?


Sehun gives his whole attention towards Vivi, and plays around with him, as well! Since Vivi really likes to spend time with people, we can see that both of them were having a good time.


Even during EXO’s stage performances, Sehun also caught some little things that reminded him of Vivi! Sehun spotted a fan who brought a paper fan which was decorated with Vivi’s picture and he was holding it during the concert!


When Sehun was busy with his online game, he couldn’t forget Vivi’s existence! When Vivi came to him, Sehun was focusing his whole attention only on Vivi!

Vivi and Sehun were spent their days walking around the park together. And also, the memory was captured in Sehun’s Instagram post.

EXO-Ls must’ve been really jealous of Vivi, because he gets Sehun’s undivided attention. Look at the way Sehun was holding a fan for Vivi, it really shows his love, right?


In this bedroom, we can see the nice silhouette of Vivi from his side, right? It seems like people were getting jealous of Vivi because he was able to sleep with Sehun every night!

Another picture from one of Sehun and Vivi walks! They were walking by some painted stairs, then Sehun took a picture of his pet right there!

Vivi’s Cute Moments


One of the cute moments from Vivi, when he was dressed up in blue pajamas and Sehun told him to sit, then the dog obediently sat down! Then Sehun also asked him to put up his hands, Vivi also cheerfully threw his hands towards Sehun’s hands, as well!


Another cute moment was also caught by Sehun’s camera! It seems that Vivi was playing around on the bed mattress, then suddenly he started to play around with a blanket! He was energetically getting aggressive and biting the blanket!

During one of Sehun’s V Live sessions, he was brought Vivi along with him. Sehun was holding Vivi and asked him to say hi to the viewers. Vivi was refused in such an adorable way! Instead of greeting the viewers, he was cuddling with Sehun!


Then, during Sehun Instagram live session, Vivi was looking really adorable when he was following Sehun to the fridge because he was hoping for a treat! He kept jumping around and reaching for his snack from Sehun’s hand, as well!


After Vivi started getting sleepy, it seemed like he didn’t want to be bothered by anything. Sehun called him to sleep on his lap, but Vivi stayed in his supine position. Then he started to close his eyes and went to sleep without Sehun!

Aside from that, during My Little Television show, Sehun explained that Vivi was smart and always looking out for things. He really loved people and also recognized his owner, as well. No wonder that Vivi was easily catching up with people and playing around, right?

You can watch some cute moments from Vivi while he was with EXO’s Sehun, here: