EXO’s Sehun: From His Fashion Choices to His Latest News

EXO Sehun latest news

Stay Updated With EXO Fashion Icon, Sehun

EXO Sehun debuted with EXO in 2012. At first, he was known as an EXO-K member when EXO was still divided into 2 groups which were EXO-K and EXO-M. EXO Sehun is the youngest member now and also one of the tallest members in the group. EXO Sehun’s tall appearance makes the public always keep their eye for both him and also EXO fans, EXO-L. EXO Sehun is known for his tall appearance and for being the fashionista and charming prince in the group. As the youngest member, other EXO members always keep their eyes on him. Other than being an EXO member, EXO Sehun’s individual appearances always get public attention. Let’s check out EXO Sehun’s latest news.


EXO’s Sehun’s Fashion Choices

EXO Sehun fashion

Among EXO member, EXO Sehun is one of fashionista member in EXO. Despite fashion from their stylist, EXO Sehun fashion off-stage and off-camera always catch public and EXO fans, EXO-L, attention in every EXO Sehun appearance. Let’s check out the compilation EXO Sehun fashion appearance.

EXO Sehun was getting praised by Vogue magazine in 2018 for his stylish fashion during his appearance on the 2018 Louis Vuitton Fashion Show which he attended alone. Vogue magazine nominated EXO Sehun as the most stylish male at the time. Even before that, EXO Sehun appearance during his attendance on a fashion show always catches public attention for his stylish and charming look. Let’s check out EXO Sehun charming appearance on every fashion show he attended.


EXO’s Sehun’s Hairstyle

EXO Sehun hairstyle

EXO Sehun is known for EXO member who always had a different hairstyle in every EXO comeback. Since his debut, EXO Sehun appearance from head to toe always makes EXO-L falling in love and could not stop talking about it. There is a lot of EXO Sehun hairstyle tutorial on youtube. There are several EXO Sehun hairstyle tutorial on youtube.

EXO Sehun hairstyle somehow always iconic and catchy than other EXO member until now. Let’s check out EXO Sehun hairstyle from his debut until now.


Dokgo Rewind

Sehun in dokgo rewind

The movie Dokgo Rewind is a prequel of the popular webtoon Dokgo by Baek Seung Hoon. It’s about the story of three high school boys with very different backgrounds, and how they joined forces together to fight against violence in school. Dokgo Rewind is EXO Sehun first movie project and his most wanted movie genre he wants to do, which is action.

EXO Sehun appearance in the movie is tough with friendship as his virtue while charismatic at the same time. To show good acting as 2 different people with different personality, he talked a lot with one of the directors who manage acting in his agency. EXO Sehun really worked hard to make the character really show and make an impact in the movie. The director of the movie, Choi Eun-jong, praised EXO Sehun for his hard work as an actor. Through the movie, EXO-L as EXO fans could see a different side of Sehun other than on-stage as an EXO member.



EXO Sehun instagram

EXO Sehun has one of the most updated Instagram among EXO members. He mostly shares about his activity off-stage while sometimes promoting EXO and other artists. Here are several latest Instagram updates from EXO Sehun.

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EXO having a comeback on December 13, 2018, with music video Loveshot. It also released the album with the same title. EXO Sehun shared the poster promotion for music video released time. He also shared his comeback outfit on the backstage several days after.

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EXO Sehun became a cast for a Netflix variety show series Busted with entertainer Yoo Jae-seok, entertainer Lee Kwang-soo, actor Lee Seung-gi, actor and singer Ahn Jae-wook, actress Park Min-young, Gugudan Sejeong, and entertainer Kim Jong-min. When he posted a photo with several cast members while having a meal, fans went wild on Instagram because of its rare moment together. It also a new hint for fans for another season of Busted with the same cast.

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EXO Sehun never misses celebrating Christmas time despite his busy schedule with EXO Loveshot promotion also individual schedule. He still updating his Instagram to celebrate Christmas with fans.


EXO members are close to each other since they first debut in 2012. Despite their busy schedule with album promotion, they still able to celebrate one of member birthday EXO D.O. It seems they are throwing the party for that main or lead vocal of EXO.


Latest News

EXO Sehun latest news

EXO is currently busy with the group promoting Loveshot and their individual schedules. EXO Sehun will join tvN’s Coffee Friends as a part-timer by Yoo Yeon-seok’s invitation. EXO Sehun and Yoo Yun-suk became close since their meet through Netflix’s Busted.