What Are The Expensive EXO-L Gifts For Sehun’s Birthday?



Handsome and Charming — Oh Sehun

EXO members have a lot of fans all around the world. During their birthday, fans usually send presents to them through their agency. The members have been received various luxurious gifts as their birthday presents, such as a t-shirt, coat, or any clothes from famous brand names, custom perfume engrave with the member’s name from a great brand, and many more.

Fans also do some birthday projects for their favorites members by making a subway, bus, and train ads birthday project, and also an exhibition to celebrate the member’s birthday. Sehun is one of the members who received many luxurious and also a sweet birthday project from his fans.

In this article, Channel-Korea will show you the expensive EXO-L gifts for Sehun’s birthday! Check it out.

Sehun’s Birthday Ads in Several Places

If you ever see idol faces on the subway station, train station, or maybe on the bus shelter, it’s usually things that happen in Korea. Mostly Korean fans make a project of their idol to celebrate their birthday from a cafe project to a billboard project.

During his birthday, Sehun has a lot of birthday ads project everywhere in South Korea made by his fans. From subway ads station, exclusive themed train, exclusive themed park, and also exclusive themed airplane. Sehun fans are on another level.

Check out their support birthday ads to celebrating Sehun’s birthday here!

Subway Birthday Ads

Birthday ads by Oh Sehun Bar, Eye to Eye, and Sehunter inside a subway in Seoul


Birthday ads by Sehun Vietnam Fan page Jamsil station line 2


Various birthday ads of Sehun


Exclusive Airplane Themed


The exclusive airplane themed was held by Sehun’s largest Chinese fan union, Oh Sehun Bar. The themed flyers will allow fans to travel in Sehun style from May 27 to August 27, 2019, on T’Way airlines. Everything (including the tickets) will have Sehun printed on it.



A Piece of Land for Sehun’s Birthday

Oh Sehun

In April 2017,  China fansite, Warm wind, has purchased a piece of land in Scotland. The land is called as “Lord OH SEHUN.”



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