Are EXO and Red Velvet Close to Each Other? Check Out Their Cute Interaction, Here!

Sehun and Irene’s Photoshoot

What happens if the visuals of both groups are in the same frame? Obviously, it will explode, like HunRene (Sehun and Irene’s abbreviation made by fans)! Let’s see their photoshoots together.

Sehun and Irene did a photoshoot for CeCi Magazine’s February, 2016 Issue.

This shoot was a collaboration between Louis Vuitton and UNICEF, for the campaign called “Make a Promise”, to help children around the world.

They both looked so amazingly beautiful! We can’t deny the chemistry between them.

Seeing how close the idols seemed, fans started to ship them with the nickname HunRene. What do you think about this super sweet couple?

Kai and Seulgi’s Pre-debut Photos

When Seulgi became a guest on Radio Star, she revealed that she used to hang out with EXO’s Kai! Since she was a trainee for seven years before debuting with Red Velvet, she must be close with some of Red Velvet’s sunbae.

Seulgi also used to be close to F(X)’s Krystal. Seulgi said that she didn’t feel bad when Krystal and Kai debuted first, she only learned that she should work hard until her time came, but that turned out to be seven years of training.

She also said that she even lied to the trainers by saying that she and the other trainees wanted to exercise in Han River, but they went to a ramen restaurant and rode bicycles, instead. Was it with Kai too?

Suho and Irene’s Relationship

Suho and Irene’s relationship is at the root of the most recent rumors that fans hope are true, after the ones about Blackpink’s Jennie and EXO’s Kai being together.

As they were under the same agency and share things in common such as being the leaders and visuals of their respective groups, as well as having fair skin and small faces, fans really love to ship them together. A lot of fans think the rumor must be true since there has been a lot of evidences of their closeness, dating back from 2015. Some evidence included:

  • Suho was caught buying Irene’s L-Holder at SM Coex
  • Yeri said when she was a trainee, Irene, Seulgi, and some EXO members made a birthday surprise for her. As Yeri is close with Suho, he might be involved in that event.
  • At the Dream Concert, backstage, someone saw Irene walking around getting snacks and talking to Suho and they ended up eating together.
  • On Facebook, a fan said that her uncle worked in SM and said that Suho had feelings for Irene, but her uncle didn’t know if Irene was feeling the same way about Suho.

Below is a fan-made video compilation of SuRene moments:

Do you believe that they are really dating?

EXO and Red Velvet Mashup

Not only the personal interactions, fans also love to mash up EXO and Red Velvet’s songs. The fan-made mashups sounds perfectly fit, as if they were a studio release. Below are some of the mashups :

EXO’s “Monster” and Red Velvet’s “Really Bad Boy” become “Really Bad Monster”. The beats sound right, and the chorus parts perfectly complete each other.

The next mashup is a fun concept of EXO and Red Velvet. The beginning of the song is really good and sounds like the original, the parts of “Power” and “Power Up” being used alternately. The chorus part sounds a little bit forced, though, because there’s two sounds being dominant.

This mashup between “Bad Boy” and “Love Shot” is neater than the previous mashup. Although “Bad Boy”‘s pitch is being raised, it still sounds good as the male and female voices contrast.

That was all about the EXO-VELVET moments, as groups and individually. They should be close in real life, since they work under the same agency and are almost the same ages. They even trained together. Do you have any thoughts of which members of EXO and Red Velvet might really be dating? Leave your comments below!