Check Out EXO and Their Little Furry Friends! How Many Pets Do They Have?

The Other Life of EXO

Who doesn’t know this mega-famous boy-group from South Korea? They are the Korean-Chinese boy group EXO from SM Entertainment, who are well worldwide, and have been called the ‘Kings of K-POP’ by some media. EXO has nine members: Sehun, Kai, D.O, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Chen, Suho, Xiumin, and Lay. They released their fifth album, Don’t Mess Up My Tempo, in 2018, which has been a great success. The album has become their best selling album in South Korea and placed 23rd on the American Billboard 200 (EXO’s highest rank in Billboard).

EXO members show us their fierce, cool, and charismatic visuals on stage. They sing and dance like bunch of kings, mesmerizing fans, but they show very different faces in their daily lives. Just like anyone else, EXO members have their soft spots, especially for their pets. Let Channel-Korea show you EXO’s furry friends and the real love between them.  Keep reading!

EXO and Their Pets

Sehun and Vivi

Sehun’s furry friend is quite popular among EXO-L. Her name is Vivi, and she’s a white Bichon Frise. Sehun often shares pictures of his moments with her in their daily life together.

A lot of fans have been surprised by how much Vivi has grown. In her first pictures Vivi looked so small and fluffy. She recently appeared at Baekhyun’s game broadcast, giving everyone a chance to see how much she’s grown since her puppy days! Between her adult size and her fluffy fur, some might even mistake her for a lamb instead of a dog.. EXO-L gave her the new name “Vig”, for “Vivi Big”. Some people have wondered what Sehun has been feeding her to become that big. EXO-L have given Sehun funny new nickname, calling him the ‘Dog Enlarger’. Let’s see more pics of Vivi!

Vivi on her birthday

Vivi sleeping peacefully

Kai’s Dog Pack

Sehun has one dog, but Kai has three! Kai’s furry children are Monggu, Jjanggu, and Jjangah. He’s totally a dog lover!

Monggu is the oldest of the three. He is a cute chocolate poodle with gooey eyes. Because he was the first, Monggu is the most popular among Kai’s dogs. Kai said he thought Monggu was a small toy poodle, but now his tiny puppy has grown up! The famous Monggu made a cameo appearance in EXO’s MV “Miracles in December”.

Kai also named his sister with the combination of his name and Monggu’s, calling her “Kamong”. How cute!

The second of Kai’s dogs is Jjanggu. He’s also a chocolate poodle, but with brighter eyes than Monggu. As his hyung, Jjanggu is also popular among fans when Kai brings him on his photoshoots and he appeared in SM Entertainment’s video series W Live S.M. Fashionista.

The maknae of this dog pack is Jjangah. Jjangah is an adorable poodle (yes, Kai really likes poodles) with fur like milk, unlike Monggu or Jjanggu. Jjangah appeared for the first time with his hyungs in EXO Showtime.

D.O. and His Dogs

Catching the pet ownership bug from his groupmates, D.O. decided to adopt his own furry kids in the early part of 2017. He adopted two poodle mixes, named Pepper and Ink.

Pepper is the grey-colored one. The grey color is so pretty!

The second is Ink. The reason why is pretty obvious.

Baekhyun and Mongryong

After all the poodles on the team, here comes the Pembroke Welsh Corgi lover, Baekhyun! According to EXO-L’s research, Baekhyun has been slowly starting to look like a corgi since he likes them so much. Among all the corgis, his love is only for Mongryong.

Look so comfy in that blanket, huh?

Chilling with Mongryong.