How Much is EXO Members Current Net Worth and The Richest Member?

EXO Xiumin Net Worth


Together with Baekhyun and Chen, Xiumin is a part of EXO’s unit, EXO-CBX. Not only known as an idol, but 2016 Xiumin also started his acting career with “Seondal: The Man Who Sells The River” 2016. He also participates in many television shows. Recently, he participated in MBC’s new variety show, “It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets.” Xiumin once said that he does not stand out in the group, but his hard work has made the public know him more. In July 2017, Xiumin collaborated with NCT member Mark on a single titled “Young & Free” for S.M. Entertainment’s digital music project Station. In August, he became a regular cast member on the MBC reality TV show It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets.

Xiumin enlisted for his mandatory military service on May 7, 2019, serving active duty. Following his enlistment, he released his debut solo single, “You,” which is part of SM Station, on May 9. In August 2019, it was reported that Xiumin would be starring in an army musical titled “Return: The Promise of That Day” together with SHINee member Onew and Yoon Ji-sung, which ran from October 22 to December 1 at the Olympic Park’s Woori Art Hall in Seoul. Xiumin took his final military leave in November 2020 and did not return to the army due to the military’s policy on COVID-19; he was discharged on December 6

Xiumin net worth: 10 million USD

EXO Lay Net Worth


Lay or Zhang Yixing is currently not participating in EXO’s promotional activities, but he is still doing well in China. In China, he is known as a singer and actor. He has starred in many Chinese movies since 2015. One of his most memorable roles is when he acted with senior actor Jackie Chan in the “Kung Fu Yoga” movie. Lay is also known as the publicity ambassador as he was appointed by the Communist Youth League of China of Changsha in 2016. Lay is also the first EXO member who has released two solo albums.

With his massive popularity in both South Korea and China, his net worth is surely increasing. He has massive success with his activity in China as he participated as a mentor in program national television, and his latest album’s sale is excellent. He also begins to start his own label in China. According to his fans, Lay earned at least 23.6 billion won or the same as 19.8 million USD from his solo music on streaming platforms and physicals, including royalties and international streaming platforms.

Lay net worth: around 19.8 million USD

EXO Baekhyun Net Worth


Not only as an idol, but Baekhyun is now also known as an actor. Baekhyun starred in SBS’ drama “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” in 2016 and received the New Star Award in the same year. He is also known for having a good variety of skills. Recently Baekhyun participated in SBS’ variety program “Master Key.” He also promotes Chen and Xiumin as EXO-CBX. Baekhyun’s popularity is indeed increasing.

In July 2019, he debuted as a soloist with his debut EP, City Lights. The solo debut album sold more than half a million copies in 2019 and was the best-selling physical album of the year by a solo artist in South Korea. His second solo album hits more with a million copies sold in 2020, Baekhyun breaks the record for the first solo artist since 2001 to sell over a million albums.

Baekhyun is also a member of the South Korean supergroup SuperM. In May 2018, Vogue magazine revealed that Baekhyun collaborated with Privé and launched his own brand, “Privé by BBH,” a street-wear brand, on July 1. Baekhyun is now the co-creative director of the brand. He has won several awards, including Mnet Asian Music Awards, Golden Disc Awards, and BreakTudo Awards.

Baekhyun net worth: around 10-12 million USD

EXO Chen Net Worth


Chen is known for his angelic voice. He sings many drama soundtracks such as “The Greatest Luck,” the soundtrack of drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love,” and the drama “Missing 9” soundtrack “I’m Not Okay.” He is also a part of the EXO-CBX unit, together with Xiumin and Baekhyun. Even though he hasn’t started his acting career yet, he gains popularity from his singing skills. On February 7, 2019, Chen released an original soundtrack titled “Make It Count” for the drama Touch Your Heart. On March 8, SM Entertainment confirmed that Chen was preparing for his first solo album, set to be released in April. Named April and a Flower and consisting of six songs, the album was released on April 1 with the title song “Beautiful Goodbye.”He also participated in writing the lyrics for one of the songs, “Flower.” April and a Flower peaked at number 2 on South Korea’s Gaon Album Chart.

In early 2020, he announced getting married to his long life non-celebrity partner and having a daughter. In September, he released an original soundtrack titled “Your Moonlight” for the drama Do You Like Brahms?. On October 16, Chen released a digital single titled “Hello” before announcing that he is set to enlist for his mandatory military service. He enlisted as an active-duty soldier on October 26.

Chen net worth: around 10 million USD

EXO Sehun Net Worth


Even though Sehun usually doesn’t get many lines in EXO’s title tracks, he always stands out because of his dancing skills and unique voice. Since he made an appearance in SBS’s drama “To The Beautiful You” in 2012, he hasn’t tried acting since. But, the group’s youngest is doing his individual activities well as he does many magazine photoshoots. He also busy with his subunit’s activity, EXO-SC that just made its comeback with 1 Billion Views in early 2020.

On May 24, 2020, Sehun officially became the new brand spokesperson of Dr. Jart+’s China region. After Sehun becoming the brand’s spokesperson, Dr. Jart+ achieved the highest sales ever during China’s mid-year shopping festival, and Sehun’s limited mask set sold 20 thousand pieces in 9 minutes. On June 28, 2020, it was confirmed that Sehun would make his big-screen debut in the movie “The Pirates: Goblin Flag.” He is currently chosen as the new ambassador of the top luxury brand, Dior Men, and a Korean skincare brand, Some By Mi. Nothing can stop Sehun’s popularity!

Sehun net worth: around 7 million USD

Who is The Richest Member in EXO?

In one episode of Radio Star, Chanyeol explained that none of the members make significantly lower and higher than the rest of the members. But Suho allegedly claimed Baekhyun, and he had the highest income out of all of the members. Suho earns money through musicals, movies, and more. Baekhyun, known for his successful solo career, hit over one million copies with his latest album.

Baekhyun breaks the record for the first solo artist since 2001 to sell over a million albums, achieving the feat with his second solo album Delight. Also, Baekhyun participated in SM’s supergroup project, SuperM, which consists of WayV’s TEN and Lucas, NCT’s Mark and Taeyong, EXO’s Kai, and SHINee’s Taemin. With that much activity he’s doing now, it’s no surprise he is becoming the richest among the members.

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