From The Official Lightstick To Albums: Find Out More About EXO’s Merchandise You Can Buy From The SM Global Shop

Exclusive Photo Cards

This one of the exclusive products is named EXO Don’t Mess Up My Tempo Binder with a Photo Card Set, which has a price of $25, made in South Korea.

The inside of the binder comes with 2 exclusive photo cards.
The size is 10.25 * 12.25 * 1.5

Another photo card you can buy is the EXO Photo Projection Keyring with Photo Card (EXO Version), for $21.

The Keyring measures 80 mm and the photo card measures 55*85 mm.

This is the EXO Photo Metal Badge Set, coming at $38.00. The difference from the other photo set is that this one is made from metal.
This purchase is coming with the whole set.

The Package Size is: 4.75 * 5.75

The Badge Size is: 1 * 1.25

Official Albums

EXO’s 6th Album OBSESSION (EXO Ver. & X-EXO Ver.) sells for $23.00. The album has a standard price, is not expensive like other merchandise.

This is EXO’s 6th album OBSESSION (EXO & X-EXO Ver.) that was released on November 27th. The album contains a total of 10 songs in various colors & genres, including the powerful and catchy title song “Obsession” that has been put in both a Korean and a Chinese version.  

The album includes 6 photo books, 1 folded poster (random 1 out of 6), 1 initial-only poster (folded, random 1 out of 7), 1 photo slide (random 1 out of 6), and 1 photo card (random 1 out of 12). All are different per version. So, considering all the merch inside it is completely worth the price.

This is EXO’s 5th Album DON’T MESS UP MY TEMPO (Allegro) priced at $12.00. This album offers a package of powerful, energetic, and rhythmical dance songs. Fun fact, Chanyeol contributed to the lyric writing of this album.

The album is packaged in an 8.5″ x 11″ outer case and includes one folded poster (14″ x 20″), a photo card, a postcard, and a Korean language lyric booklet.

Here is the tracklist of the album:

1. Tempo
2. Sign
3. 닿은 순간 (Ooh La La La)
4. Gravity
5. 가끔 (With You)
6. 24/7
7. 후폭풍 (Bad Dream)
8. Damage
9. 여기 있을게 (Smile On My Face)
10. 오아시스 (Oasis)
11. 节奏 (Tempo)

This is EXO’s 5th Album Repackage LOVE SHOT (LOVE VER) with a good price of $21.00. On this album, you will find R&B ballad songs, groovy pop, and songs that you easily get addicted to. Let’s check this out!

This album version has a booklet (72 pages), 1 photo card (random 1 out of 8), and 1 poster (random 1 out of 2). Yes!

Here is the tracklist inside:

01 Love Shot
02 Tempo
03 트라우마 (Trauma)
04 Wait
05 Sign
06 닿은 순간 (Ooh La La La)
07 Gravity
08 가끔 (With You)
09 24/7
10 후폭풍 (Bad Dream)
11 Damage
12 여기 있을게 (Smile On My Face)
13 오아시스 (Oasis)
14 宣告 (Love Shot)
15 节奏 (Tempo)

Season’s Greetings

SM Global Shop also offers merchandise of the 2020 EXO SEASON’S GREETINGS. Here is what comes inside the package:

Hard Cover Diary, Package, Desk Calendar, Ad Poster Set, Sticker set, Postcard Calendar & Stand Set, DVD & paperback, mini brochure, additional items. You can have all of this for the price of $49. It’s pricey but worth to be collected.

This is the preview below!

1. Postcard Calendar & Stand Set: 101 X 160 mm, 1set, Paper
2. DVD & Paper Bag: 125 X 130 mm, 26 minutes (±3 min), 1 ea, CD/Paper
3. Desk Calendar: 170 X 230 mm, 14 pages, Paper
4. Sticker Set: 200 X 287 mm, 2 pcs, Paper/PET
5. A4 Poster Set: 200 X 287 mm, 12 pcs, Paper
6. Hard Cover Diary: 174 X 233 mm, 120 pages, Paper
7. Mini Brochure: 174 X 233 mm, 12 pages, Paper
8. Fortune Card Set Ver.2: 55 X 85 mm, 1 set, Paper

9. Package: 220 X 310 X 88 mm (±5 mm), 1 ea, Paper


Adding to the list of merchandise you should check out is the EXO Original Logo Trucker Hat for a price of $30. Commonly, hats have a price tag of under $15, but this one is so expensive, but again it has the premium signature of EXO and features the original EXO logo.

It was made from a polyester mesh back that allows maximum breathability, also it is adjustable on the back in order to fit perfectly.

Here is all the technical information about the hat:
– Material: 60% Cotton/40% Polyester
– Embroidered logo in the front
– Size Adjustable: One size fits most
– Flat Brim Cap
– 5 Panel Construction with mesh back
– Snapback closure

Another Hat merchandise you should see is the EXO Logo Trucker Hat that also costs $30.00. A beautiful hat to wear, and could match any color of outfit you have.

Again it has the signature EXO logo with a polyester mesh back which offers maximum breathability and also the adjustable snapback making it perfect fit to wear.

Here are the details of the Trucker Hat:
– Material: 60% Cotton/40% Polyester
– Embroidered logo in the front
– Size Adjustable: One size fits most
– Flat Brim Cap
– 5 Panel Construction with mesh back
– Snapback closure

This is so cool, the EXO We Are One Hat with Long Strap and Ring with a price of $35. Yes, more pricey but look at the word design which has a deep meaning as the EXO “We Are One” slogan.

Check out the details before buying this hat:

– Material: 85% Acrylic/15% Wool
– Silicon appliques in the front
– Size Adjustable: One size fits most
– Pre-curved Visor
– 5 Panel Constructions with eyelets


This necklace has the EXO Lucky One Logo in gold and silver for a price of $28. This necklace is inspired by the EXO Lucky album. The necklace is so classical and elegant, not complicate but beautiful!

Here are the details of the necklace:

– Material: Brass
– Chain: 42 cm
– Stone: Swarovski Crystal

• Designed by Urban Coconut, USA

Another piece of beautiful merchandise is The EXO Necklace which has the Pantone color of the year 2016. This necklace has been selling at a price of $45.00. This necklace designed by Urban Coconut USA may seem a bit expensive but the LOVE signature mark from the EXO album Love is a cool font design.

This is also a limited edition, go check the detail of this necklace:

– Material: Brass
– Color: Rose Quartz
– Pendant: Big – 1.4 cm, Small – 0.8 cm
– Chain: 40 cm + 4 cm

Some reasonable price: EXO’s Lucky One Logo in gold and silver Bracelet that has a price of $28.00. This bracelet is made of Brass with a Pendant size 20 x 20 mm, a chain of 16 cm, and also stone made from Swarovski Crystals.

Other Official Merchandise

Another merchandise you may like is this key chain priced at $15.00. Expensive price but if you like EXO very much and want to honor them with a minimal budget you can get this keychain! Beautiful! This is called the EXO Logo Acrylic with Leather Tassel Keychain.

The details of this key chain are listed below:
– Acrylic 2 * 8
– Tassel 3.2″

The tote bag of EXO “We Are One” has a price of $23. Although expensive for just a tote bag, this is an environmentally friendly tote bag that can be used heavy duty for your daily activities. This tote bag is minimalist and simple.

Here is the content care of the product:
– 100 % Cotton
– Silicon printing in front & back
– Hand wash, dry flat

– Size: W 13″ x H 14″
– Strap Length: 24″

This lanyard of EXO for your working identity card or transportation card costs only $20. May not be the favorite from all the merchandise options but this one is more visible to wear when engaged in your everyday working life.

Here are the details of the lanyard:

Lanyard: 18.5 * 0.79 (inch)

Card Holder: 4.33 * 2.75 (inch)

This cute clear water bottle or tumbler can be bought for only $25. It has the EXO logo and attached acrylic EXO flag key ring dangling on the cap. This so nice to have and can be very useful for your daily activities. Such a beautiful tumbler!

The tumbler has a size of 8.25 * 2.5 inches with a capacity of 600 ml. Nice to have!

This pouch of Chic black cotton pouch with a neon-colored logo inspired by EXO’s Obsession has a price tag of $35. This is like an ordinary pouch but more expensive but it has key rings both with the ‘Obsession’ logo, X-EXO version in pink, and EXO version in green.

Here are the details of the pouch:

Bag: 6.5 * 8.5 inch

Keychain: 7 * 0.75 inch

That’s all about the merchandise you can buy from the SM Global Shop. Which one do you like? Kindly share your thoughts and leave a comment in the section below!