From The Official Lightstick To Albums: Find Out More About EXO’s Merchandise You Can Buy From The SM Global Shop

Have You Checked The Unique EXO Merchandise?

EXO is a popular K-Pop boy band both in South Korea and in the world. When it comes to their existence as a boy band, EXO members also have their own charisma and personalities that attract so many hardcore fans in the world.

EXO consists of nine members, including Suho, Xiumin, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, and Sehun. The other former members are Kris, Tao, and Luhan. EXO members made their debut under SM Entertainment that is also the company that makes their merchandise available online with access through the SM Global Shop.

Now, without further ado, let’s check out the details of all the merchandise you can find on the official online store in this Channel-Korea article. Stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

T-Shirt and Sweater

Starting with the apparel section, this shirt is named EXO Obsession Photo Print T-Shirt with Exclusive Photo Card EXO version. They sell the shirt with a price that is not really considered expensive but is not cheap either, somewhere in the middle. The shirt is priced at $35.

What is special about this black T-shirt is it has printed pictures and simple profiles of EXO members. The design is borrowed from the album Obsession with neon green color. It is available in 6 different versions, just check the design you like.

All of the merchandise available on the SM Global Shop online website takes 1-3 days after the order confirmation to be processed and submitted in English.

The most anticipated shirt is this one, EXO “We Are One” Raglan T-Shirt with Rhinestones – White/Black. This simple yet cool design is priced at 29 dollars.

This soft and premium K-Pop baseball T-shirt features the EXO “We Are One” slogan. It is made of 100% cotton, can be machine washed; dry low, has heavyweight cotton, standard fit, and is finished with a rib-knit crew neck. Such good quality for a reasonable price.

Another shirt merchandise you might like to see is this one: EXO Obsession Photo Print T-Shirt with Exclusive Photo Card X-EXO version. The same price as the first T-shirt at $35 but this one is colorful.

This black T-shirt comes with printed pictures and simple profiles of EXO members.
This design was inspired by the X-EXO version of the album Obsession with neon pink color.

The red T-shirt! You must check out this one: EXO Don’t Mess Up My Tempo Rhinestone Red T-Shirt. It’s a bit pricey, $35-$45.

It comes with soft and premium short sleeve t-shirt featuring the EXO logo in the front and Don’t Mess Up My Tempo album artwork on the sleeves. This EXO T-shirt will make you stylish and exclusive at the same time. 

Some content and care you need to pay attention to after buying this T-shirt is that it is made from 100% cotton, can be machine washed, dry low, has heavyweight cotton, standard fit, a rib-knit crew neck, and screen printed graphic.

This is Hot Topic X SM Global Shop: EXO Don’t Mess Up My Tempo Graphic T-Shirt – White with $30 on the price tag. This T-shirt is of quite a reasonable price with the same kind of design compared to the other more expensive T-shirts.

This T-shirt is also made of 100% cotton and can be washed cold, dry low, and listed men sizes.

This sweater is named EXO Don’t Mess Up My Tempo Black Pullover Hoodie and sells at the price of $70. This price may look a bit on the high side but the design is one of a kind inspired by the EXO album itself.

The sweater comes in a classic pullover silhouette. As we already said, as it is inspired by the Don’t Mess Up My Tempo album it features the album artwork both in the front and in the back.

This sweater is completed with an adjustable drawstring hood and front pocket. So, cool and perfect!

Check the standard sizes it comes in, below!

Unisex Chest width Body Length
S-M 23.5″ 30″
L-XL 26.5″ 32″

In the photo above is another sweater you might like: EXO Don’t Mess Up My Tempo Black Sweatshirt priced at $65. The price is coming with the quality and the exclusivity.

It has the logo and album title featured in the front and silicone rubber print film featured in the back. This sweatshirt is made of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester, could be machine washed cold, has a standard fit, and rib-knit crew neck.

This is the EXO Obsession Warning Sweatshirt that comes with an exclusive photo card. It has a price of $70. This has the simplest design, a bit pricey yet if you like simplicity, this is the one!

The design is inspired by EXO’s album Obsession, with a warning sign from EXO printed on the chest with the numbers of EXO members and the EXO logo printed in neon green at the end of the left sleeve.

EXO Lightstick

The EXO Fanlight Accessory Silicone Cap (LOGO Version) has a price of $12.00.

This lightstick comes in size 42*22*25.2 mm. It is cheap and completely worth it!

EXO Fanlight Accessory Silicone Cap with a design inspired from the POSTER Version has a price of $12. It measures 42*22*25.2 mm and has a pretty reasonable price, so go grab it!

This is a special EXO Official Fanlight Ver 3.0 which is on the expensive side as it costs $50.00.

The following features are included in the price:
– Bluetooth function

– Without battery, can be used with three genuine AAA alkaline batteries

You can check out the details in this photo below!