EXO Members Profile (Name, Birthday, Weight and Religion) and Facts

EXO’s Ex-member Profile

EXO debuted with 12 members, but due to some circumstances now there are only 9 members remaining. There were 4 Chinese members, but now Lay is the only Chinese member in the group. However, most EXO-Ls (EXO’s fandom name) are still supporting the 3 who left the group. How about we check on them too? Let’s see their profiles!

1. Kris


Real Name: Wu Yifan (우이판) (吴亦凡)
Stage Name: Kris Wu (크리스 우)
Nickname: Duizhang, Benben
Birthday: November 6th 1990
Star Sign: Scorpio/ Horse
Nationality: Chinese-Canadian
Blood Type: O
Height: 186,6cm
Weight: 73kg
Religion: Christian
Education: Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School
Family: Mother
Position: EXO-M leader, lead rapper
Super power: Flight
Sub-group/ Sub-unit: EXO-M
Instagram: @galaxy_fanfan

2. Luhan


Real Name: Luhan (루한) (鹿晗)
Stage Name: Luhan (루한)
Nickname: Shaolu, Lulu, Deer
Birthday: April 20th 1990
Star Sign: Taurus/ Horse
Nationality: Chinese
Blood Type: O
Height: 178cm
Weight: 52kg
Religion: Roman Catholic
Family: Parents
Position: Lead vocal, face of the group, lead dancer
Super power: Telekinesis
Sub-group/ Sub-unit: EXO-M
Instagram: @7_luhan_m

3. Tao


Real Name: Huang Zitao (황쯔타오) (黄子韬)
Stage Name: Tao (타오)
Nickname: Kung Fu Panda, Gucci Man
Birthday: May 2nd 1993
Star Sign: Taurus/ Chicken
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 183cm
Weight: 68kg
Religion: Roman Catholic
Blood Type: AB
Family: Parents
Position: EXO-M maknae, lead rapper, martial arts
Super power: Time control
Sub-group/ sub-unit: EXO-M
Instagram: @hztttao

EXO’s Fun Facts

  • Although Xiumin looks cute, actually he is the oldest, the cleanest, and the strongest EXO member (according to what Chanyeol said).
  • EXO members don’t find Suho’s jokes funny, they think it’s weird and embarrassing.
  • EXO-CBX is an EXO sub-unit made in 2016 that consists of Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin. Their debut song titled Hey Mama!
  • Lay is slow in reacts to jokes and has a 4D personality.
  • Chen is known as the troll of the group since he likes to pull pranks on his members.
  • If Suho is EXO’s father, then D.O is the mother since he really likes to cook.
  • Tao is a pro in martial arts because he has been learning and practicing martial arts since he was 8 years old.
  • Baekhyun was in relationship with SNSD’s Taeyeon but both revealed on September 15th 2015 they had broken up.
  • Fans sometimes called Sehun “Sebooty”, a term for his butt.
  • EXO’s fandom name is EXO-L, it means EXO-Love and also because there is L between K and M.
  • Although Chanyeol’s position in EXO is main rapper, he can actually sing very well!
  • EXO’s beagle line consists of Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol.
  • Kai really loves puppies and he has 3 dogs!

EXO Members Popularity Ranking

EXO is hugely popular as a whole group, but do you want to know each member’s popularity? Let’s check it out!
According to W Korea Magazine exclusive edition with EXO members individual cover sales:

  1. Baekhyun
  2. Sehun
  3. Xiumin
  4. Chen
  5. Chanyeol
  6. D.O
  7. Suho
  8. Kai
  9. Lay

EXO as a whole group is fascinating enough, but each member has their individual charms and is able to attract new fans from time to time. Let’s continue to support and love all of them because like what they say every time they do the greetings, We Are One!