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How Many Kids Zhang Yixing Wants?

Zhang Yixing talking about Kids

During an interview for the Chinese reality show Idol Producer, Zhang Yixing mentioned that when he becomes a father, he would like to have around 5 to 6 children but only 1 daughter. According to him, he will support and inspire young people who want to join the entertainment world. However, he won’t be so accommodating if it is his own children, especially if it is his daughter. He would rather encourage them to be good doctors or good lawyers; he would even teach them fine arts like piano or making music, but that doesn’t mean that he wants them to have a career like he has.

Zhang Yixing and Converse Ads

Zhang Yixing ft Converse

Converse and Zhang Yixing have come together to design their first collaboration. The collaboration with Converse features a white high-top Chuck 70 and a black low top one, both designed by him. The design went through multiple iterations to reach his standard of perfection.

Converse x Lay Zhang Collaboration

The white version featured valcro pocket design with deep meaning behind: It was inspired by Lay’s practicing days when he tied sandbags to his legs every day. In addition, Converse’s round logo is also designed as a valcro patch, along with Lay’s personal logo patch. When matched with a whole outfit, the light blue jelly texture midsole of the sneakers brightens the overall look, delivering a simple yet sophisticated vibe.

The other version, black low top Chuck 70 ox, is made with lambskin leather and features Lay’s logo in reflective red color at the sides of the shoes. Both versions come with luminous outer soles and shoelaces, representing the time when Lay was practicing alone in unlit studios and his belief in focusing on perfecting each dance move.

Check out Zhang Yixing’s interview about his Converse collaboration below!

Latest News About Zhang Yixing

During his final Grand Line concert in Shenzhen, Zhang Yixing gave a special performance of his currently unreleased song “Grandmother.” Fans already knew this song was dedicated to his grandmother when he first dropped the teaser a few days ago. While performing, Yixing had everyone tearing up as clips played on-screen including moments showing his strong bond with his grandma, as he has always been close to her.

During the event, Yixing revealed that his grandmother had always wanted to come to his concerts but never got the chance. Later, his Studios updated their Weibo confirming the heartbreaking news of her passing over the summer. Fans have been sending lots of their love and support to Yixing and his family while expressing their sorrow over the news as well.

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