Details About EXO’s D.O’s Military Enlistment and His Parting Gift For the Fans, ‘That’s Okay’

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Do Kyung-soo, The Multi-Talented Idol From EXO

Do Kyung-soo (도경수) is better known by his stage name, D.O. He was born on January 12, 1993, and is as a member of the popular South Korean boy-group, EXO. D.O is one of the main vocalists of the group. Besides being a wildly popular idol, he also went into acting and has become one of the best idol/actors.

He tends to be a quieter person than most of the members of his group, but when he started to sings, he melts EXO-L’s hearts. He has a manly, clean voice, and it’s no wonder he became a main vocalist along with Baekhyun and Chen. He also showed his talent through the dramas and films he’s played in. His latest drama is 100 Days My Prince and his latest film is Swing Kids. His ability to act can’t be doubted, since he was awarded lead roles in both projects

This year he is 26 years old, according to international age determination. Surprisingly, at the height of his career, he stated he would take up military service this year, surprising many, who assumed he would enlist in 2021. So, are you curious about the circumstances? Just Keep reading and you will know all about it.

EXO’s D.O Enlists in the Military

Do Kyung-soo EXO joined military

On May 30, 2019, rumors circulated that D.O. was going to begin his military service on July 1, 2017, following the eldest member, Xiumin, who joined on May 7, 2019. This rumor was justified by SM, as the agency that houses him. SM Entertainment said “D.O. received his enlistment notice for July 1, so he will dutifully enlist as active duty. After Xiumin enlisted on May 7 and became the first EXO member to serve, D.O. expressed that he wishes to fulfill his military duties as soon as possible. So after a thorough discussion with the members and the company, he decided to apply. He wishes to enlist quietly, so we will not be announcing the time and location of his enlistment. We will also not be holding any events either.

SM said there would be no special events on the day D.O entered the army and this decision was made after D.O held a discussion with other EXO agencies and members.

exoplanet 5

But many EXO-L shocked and disappointed, because on the same day SM Entertainment announced EXO would hold an ‘EXOPLANET # 5 – EXplOration’ solo concert for six days in July. The concert’s kick-off will begin from July 19 to 21 and continue on July 26-28 at KSPO DOME, Seoul, South Korea. Many fans are disappointed because the concert will be held without complete membership.

Do Kyung-soo enlistment letter fancafe

Regarding his departure for the military in July, D.O wrote a letter to the EXO-L on its official fan club, as written below:

“Hello, this is EXO’s DO

EXO-Ls, the sudden news must have been surprising for everyone, right? I wanted to first share the news (with you), so I have a heavy heart because I feel like it’s a little late. I’m posting this letter because I wanted to let you know that as much as this decision was made after lots of consideration, I will return healthily and safely.

I sincerely thank EXO-Ls, who is always supportive, and I hope that everyone will always be healthy and have days that are filled with things that make you laugh. I will carefully serve and return to greet you all with a healthy image.

Thank you.”

do kyung-soo

On July 1, 2019, before D.O went to the training camp, all the EXO members took time to deliver him and take some last photos together.

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EXO-L were surprised by Lay’s appearance in the photos, since everyone knows he’s busy preparing for his solo concert in China.

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Park Chanyeol and Oh Sehun also uploaded some photos on their accounts.

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And also the leader, SUHO.

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As he joined the military on July 1, 2019, some sources said he will be discharged in January, 2021.

Here some comments from EXO-L after they heard D.O had enlisted:

EXO’s D.O’s Parting Gift with ‘That’s Okay’

Do Kyung-soo that's okay station 3 SM

At the same time as his departure, SM released his solo song through SM Station 3. This is D.O’s first solo track since 2014, ahead of his mandatory military enlistment set to July 1, 2019. The lyrics deal with personal happiness and send a message of assurance that everything will be fine.

The gentle pop/R&B song he wrote himself combines the warm sounds of the acoustic guitar with a minimal drum rhythm and is a gift to fans. That’s Okay nudges emotions that make you feel sad for your own happiness.

Being a solo single, That’s Okay puts D.O’s slightly raspy voice on full display. It’s good how the song isn’t sung in a straightforward manner. There are some textural aspects present thanks to the melody and the way he ended some lines, allowing him to showcase some techniques that he never got a chance to show off with EXO releases. The way he harmonizes with himself is also beautiful, an obvious sign of a good ballad. Knowing that is he is one of the main vocalists of the group, it is expected that the single would be a ballad. It is mainly acoustic, with guitars being the only instrument in the instrumental. The lyrics also don’t go into an emotional overdrive, with D.O telling us that time will heal all wounds, regardless of how deep they are.

The music video for this release is animation. I am not sure if there are any laws that prevent D.O from appearing in the music video (as Xiumin did for his single), given the complexity of military enlistment, but it would have been nice to see him one last time (before he goes away for two years). Even so, the animation is very nice — it about a guy who finds a sad-looking cactus and brings it home. His nurturing overtime helped heal its limp nature and it regained some flowers. On the flip side, it was revealed that the guy lost his dog and this caused him to stay indoors. The flowering cactus ended up nurturing him over time, showing him that no matter what state you are in, there is always a way to get back up.

And here’s the translation for the song:

My senses are numbing
Because of the thick emotions passing
Now I’m used to
Hiding my heart

How far have I come?
I only ran forward
So I’m afraid to look back
On all the pushed backstories

Like time passing
All the happy days
And all the heart-breaking days
I’m naturally letting them go
Like the sun and moon that rises and sets

Sometimes, I cried, sometimes, I laughed
I was hopeful, I was in pain
My heart fluttered, my heart numbed
I followed my heart, just as it is

Like the countless stars
Always in the same place
I’ll shine as much as I can
So don’t hide yourself but show me
You, just as you are, it’s alright, it’s alright

Today, for the first time
I faced my honest heart
I even hesitate to stand in front of the mirror
Why is my face so awkward?

What’s beautiful is always precious
Even if it stays for a moment and goes far away later
The eyes of my heart fill up the ordinary moments
As if it’s always looking

The loneliness hid inside
Makes me stay for a bit
I’m just looking
When the gentle breeze blows
I open my heart and another day passes

Sometimes, I cried, sometimes, I laughed
I was hopeful, I was in pain
My heart fluttered, my heart numbed
I followed my heart, just as it is

Like the countless stars
Always in the same place
I’ll shine as much as I can
So don’t hide yourself but show me
You, just as you are, it’s alright, it’s alright

The memories that fill our hands
Is our precious story
My heart is filled with the truth
If you can remember again after a time
Will you be able to say
That you were happy too?

I cried with you, I laughed with you
I had high hopes for you, I was pained because of you
I spilled out my all and loved you
However, my heart led me

All the unspoken worries
All the deeply paved scars
Time always passes at the same speed
It will wash it all away just like always
So you can just go with the flow, it’s alright, it’s alright

do exo

Let’s wait until the date he gets discharged from the military!