Here’s A Compilation Of EXO’s Kai’s Smiley Faces That Will Brighten Up Your Day!

Meet South Korean Singer, Model, Actor, and Dancer – EXO’s Kai

Kim Jongin is a South Korean singer, model, actor, and dancer. We all know him as Kai from EXO (a South Korean boy band under SM Entertainment). Not only he is a member of EXO, but Kai is also a member of EXO’s subunit Exo-K, and South Korean supergroup Super M. Kai made his official acting debut in 2016 as the male lead in the web drama Choco Bank and was chosen as the cover model in December 2017 for the December issue of The Big Issue, which is a magazine known for helping the homeless. Kai has taken on roles in various dramas and variety shows since his debut.

Kai is one of the members of EXO who has charisma and also oozes sexy vibes. He could be gorgeous on stage and soft when off-stage. Kai’s dancing skills are well known in the K-Pop scene. He is able to dance to various genres, including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, popping, and locking. Kai also has a pretty smile that can cause damage to his fans’ hearts.

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EXO has been through a lot of concerts going on for the past few years. From “Exo from Exoplanet 1 – The Lost Planet” until “Exo Planet 5 – Exploration,” Exo has been embarking on worldwide tours. Many fans were excited to see their idol up close and being noticed by their idol by bringing up the concert stuff. Apart from being noticed, fans were also excited to meet their idol!

Kai is a member of Exo who has a lot of fans. He even has his own fandom name, Erigom. Erigom means Eri for EXO-L and Gom for Bear. Let’s check out Kai’s smiley faces at concerts that can make your day!

Kai’s smile is really attractive. He has a gummy smile with his front teeth showing when he smiles really wide. He also has an eye smile. Eye smile is the phenomenon that happens when the idols smile and their eyes form a rather adorable crescent moon shape. Kai is one of them!

His face has a very precise great shape. He also has a perfect jaw-line. His built is really in great shape, too! Kang Daniel, NCT’s Jaemin, SF9’s Taeyang, Block B’s U-Kwon are some of the idols who adore Kim Jongin because of his sexiness and his dancing skills. As for that, Kai has the nickname Idol’s Idol (since a lot of idols pick him as their role model).


Not only is Kai an accomplished singer, but he is also a notable model. Kai was selected as the cover model for the December edition of The Big Issue, a magazine recognized for helping the homeless. The magazine sold the largest number of copies sold since the magazine started in July 2010. He is also the first Korean Eyewear Men Global Ambassador for Gucci (an Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods) for two consecutive years.

If you noticed, Kai has beautiful little dimples when he’s smiling. Don’t forget his crescent moon eyes when smiling making him look super cute.

Even from the side part of his face, Kai has nailed the photoshoot! His skin is glowing, and the hairstyle really suits his face. When Kai is smiling without showing his teeth out, his appearance is really delicate. Kai has the cute nickname Sun-kissed boy (due to the beautiful golden color of his skin).

What do you think of Kai’s photoshoot?


Fan-signings are very popular in Korea, especially when your favorite idols make a comeback. Fan-signing is an autograph signing album session with very limited slots which involves mostly interaction with fans and some performances. During a fan-signing event, fans get to talk to and engage with the idols face to face as the idols sign their albums, and even bring them presents or hold their hands.

The pictures above and below were taken on Nature Republic’s fan-signing event that took place in Jakarta. Kai, Suho, and Chen attended the fan-signing with the title Journey to Nature with EXO. A few times, Kai was laughing when the press called out their names. Kai’s outfit at that time was notable as he was wearing denim jeans and a Lacoste shirt but still managed to look good in that casual style. During the fan-signing, Kai smiled a lot to the fans which made the fans’ hearts flutter.

During another EXO fan-signing, Kai looked very handsome with hair styled down almost covering his eyes, and a kind of natural make-up. Kai’s lips are covered with thin peachy color lipstick which looks so fresh.

When he laughs out loud, his nose scrunches a bit, and his dimples are showing up. Don’t you love it when Kai’s smiling so bright?

Variety Shows

Reality shows have become so favorable these days. Usually, variety shows combine comedy and variety scenes including unscripted stunts. Korean variety shows have a common pleasure of watching both the celebrities’ activity and the variety show. This also means that they’re typically more creative and entertaining.

Ever since his debut and up until recently, Kai has attended several variety shows, such as Under Nineteen (as Special Director), and Sooro’s Rovers (as Main Cast). He also attended Knowing Brothers together with the other EXO members.

On Knowing Bros, Kai took the spotlight in the game “Screaming in silence” or commonly known as “Whisper Challenge.” He made people laugh with his answer. He stole the screen time and brought laughter to everyone. Check out the video below!

We all know that Kai is gorgeous and even sexy on stage, but in this variety show, Kai showed his “alter ego.” Opposite to his usual charismatic image, Kai brought laughter to everyone, even Kang Hodong was surprised by Kai’s endless reverse charm and said to him, “Don’t you intend to turn to the entertainment field?”

Overall, Kai has a pretty, delicate smile that can make you automatically smile just by seeing it.

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