Get To Know EXO’s Kai’s Older Sisters and Kamong Cafe


Kai’s Older Sister’s Cafe You Might Want to Visit While in Seoul

When it comes to our idols, we sometimes cannot help but want to know everything about them, including their family. Even though it is a part of their privacy, getting to know them a little will not hurt. One of the ways to do that is through supporting them and their business.

It is not a secret that a lot of idols have started to establish their own businesses aside from being an idol. And it is not rare for them to do it together with their own family members. An example of that is EXO’s main dancer, Kai. Kai’s older sister owns a café in Seoul that is actually a joint business between Kai and her. The café is called Kamong Café and is located in Seocho district.

If you are a fan of EXO or K-Pop and plan to go to Seoul soon, you might not want to miss going to this café. In this article, Channel-Korea will give you a rundown of everything you have to know about the cafe and why you definitely need to give this café a visit!

Meet EXO’s Kai’s Older Sisters

You might have known already that Kai is one of the maknaes in his group EXO, meaning that he is one of the youngest members there. But do you also know that he is the youngest member in his family too? With a family consisting of his late father, mother, and two older sisters, we can say that Kai is the baby in the family. His eldest sister is nine years older than him, and his second older sister—whose name is Kim Jung-ah—is five years older. Jung-ah is the one who opened Kamong café with the help of Kai. Below is a selfie of Kai with his sister Jung-ah.


Kai at His Sister’s Wedding

In January 2013, Kai was seen attending the wedding of his eldest sister. All of his fellow EXO-K members, except Sehun, were also spotted at the wedding. The EXO-K members also took a picture with Kai’s sister in the bride’s room.

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Kai with His Niece and Nephew

If you are a big fan of EXO and follow Kai’s personal Instagram account, then you probably have seen how good Kai is with children. You can also see it in the recent The Return of Superman episode where Kai came as a guest with his fellow EXO member, Chanyeol.

Before this episode, Kai has also been a guest in another one, where he meets Tae-oh. From those interactions of Kai with children, we can see how easy it is for him to play and communicate with the children and also how he gets close to them very quickly. One of the reasons for this is because of his niece and nephew. They are probably Kai’s favorites in the world–other than chicken, that is. He adores them very much and he also loves to bring them gifts from his overseas trips.

His eldest sister, whose wedding pictures we have seen above, already has two children. One daughter named Ra-hee, and one son named Ra-eon. Kai loves to share moments of him with those two with the fans. Check out these Instagram posts by Kai featuring his niece and nephew!

If you slide the post to the left, at the end you can see a very adorable clip of Ra-eon pouting while cutely saying that he hates ‘Kai-chon’ (a cute nickname shortened from the name Kai and the word samchon, in Korean meaning uncle Kai), and Kai asking why Ra-eon hates him.

In this post, Kai shared a moment of him and his beloved niece and nephew celebrating his birthday. You can see how much Kai loves and adores those two by seeing his very happy face in the picture.

Kai’s Sisters’ Café – Kamong Café

As we have mentioned before, Kai’s sister Jung-ah owns a café that was set up with the help of Kai. This café is located in Seocho, precisely in 1678-4 Seocho 1(il)-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The name Kamong is actually a combination of ‘Kai’ and ‘Monggu’ (one of Kai’s dogs). The café opens at 11 in the morning and closes at 10 in the evening.


The café offers a variety of handmade cookies, waffles, coffees, and smoothies. It also sells some mugs and tumblers, which are being displayed in some parts of the café.


The price range for coffee and smoothie is 4,000 ~ 6,000 KRW. For ade (a type of sweetened, fruit-flavored beverages), they are being sold at 5,500 ~ 6,000 KRW. For tea, it is 4,000 ~ 5,500 KRW, bingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert) at around 12,000 KRW, and waffle at 8,000 ~ 12,000 KRW.


Even though there are a lot of mouth-watering options on the menu, one of the most popular items of this café is the ice cream waffle, which has assorted fresh fruits added to it. It is highly recommended that you try this one on your first visit along with a cup of smoothie.

Unlike many other cafés owned by celebrities, which are usually filled with the celebrities’ pictures and knick-knacks, this café has a simple and modern interior with artworks decorating the walls and corners.


Even though you may feel like there is no trace of Kai in the café, if you go to the counter to order, you can see a signature of Kai right in front of it.

Kamong café is located between Gyodae (Seoul National University of Education) Station and Gangnam Station. However, please note that it is closer to Seoul National University of Education Station. If you are in Seoul or are planning to visit Seoul and want to visit this café, you can take the Metro (subway) Line 2 or 3 and stop at Gyodae Station at exit 1. Walk straight from there for about 5 – 10 minutes and the café will be on the second floor of a Jewel Tower building on your right.


One of the reasons why this café is very popular among EXO fans, aside from the fact that this café is owned by a family member of Kai, is also because on the cups, napkins, and other small props in the café; you can find that there are copies of drawings and messages that Kai drew/wrote himself.

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There have also been numerous occasions where people spot Kai and his friends visiting the café. If you are lucky enough, you might get the chance to see both of Kai’s sisters as well as Kai right in front of you in the café.


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If you are still unsure of whether or not this café is worth visiting, here are some reviews from netizens.

That is everything that we would like to share regarding Kai’s family and his sister’s café. We hope we succeeded in luring you to also visit the café because we want to spread the hype among as many fans as possible! Please also share your experience and review of the café if you have already visited it in the comment section below!