#FriendshipGoals – All the Times EXO’s Kai and Sehun Prove They Are Close Friends


The Powerful Duo – SeKai!

It is not a secret around the EXO-L and fans’ community that the two youngest members of EXO, Kim Jong-in (a.k.a Kai) and Oh Sehun, have a very strong friendship. Whenever they’re having moments on-stage or off-stage, fans are delighted to take pictures of their close friendship. Are you interested in learning more details about the SeKai bromance? Let’s find out by scrolling down this article!


EXO’s Kai and Sehun are #Friendship Goals, Here’s Why

Comparing to the other members, Kai and Sehun have been spotted together often constantly. They seem to flock around one another so much and fool around with each other. On-stage, you could see that they have the same burning passion, which is dancing. It is their passionate dancing that makes them placed together as the lead dancers of the group.


Their close friendship is pretty much determined by their close age, in terms of the fact that they were both born in the year of 1994, making them the same age chingu according to the international age. Their interest in dancing and their similar sense of humor also contribute to their amazing chemistry.



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Both of them are EXO’s Maknae Line

Kai and Sehun are both the youngest members of EXO, filling out the role in EXO’s Maknae Line. Even though Kai is older than Sehun by a year, he doesn’t act much as a hyung around Sehun. It’s because Kai is only a few months older than Se-hun, so the differences are not really noticeable.


Kai and Sehun are born in the year of 1994. Kai is older than Sehun by the fact that he was born on January 14th, whereas Sehun was born on April 12th.

Other than the almost non-existing difference in age, Kai and Sehun also entered SM Entertainment at almost the same time. Kai began his training period when he was 13 years old, in the year of 2007, and Sehun joined exactly one year later, when he was 14 years old. They were both interested in dancing and then they were both placed as lead dancers of the projected group. So, it’s no wonder that they feel comfortable around each other, right?


Their Silly Moments on EXO’s Showtime and Other Variety Shows

Besides their appearances on stage together, Sehun and Kai can also often be seen as guests together in numerous reality shows.


Kai and Sehun’s silly moments on EXO’s Showtime. Both were often going outside together in the show (sometimes, Chanyeol would also join them).


The two of them were also guests together in Yummy Yummy, a Chinese cooking variety show. Here, they taste and comment on different foods.


Kai and Sehun dancing “Growl” together in Running Man (Ep. 209).


Kai and Sehun being funny and kind to the members of Knowing Bros (Ep. 159).


Doing Photo Shoots Together

Known for their good looks, Kai and Sehun are often doing photoshoots together. They did various photo shoots for Grazia, Vogue Girl, Vogue Korea, etc.