Check Out EXO’s Kai Outshined Appearance On the Gucci Fashion Show!

Becoming Gucci’s Ambassador From Korea

In May 2018, Kai attended the ‘Gucci SS Fashion Show 2019’ and 16 months later, he was honored for being appointed as one of Gucci’s global ambassadors. This is the first time for Gucci to appoint an ambassador from Korea. In a series of photos and articles released to the public, Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, mentioned that EXO’s Kai will be their male global ambassador.

Michele added that the facial expressions of a person have great power to convey diverse imaginary reactions and give messages about certain beliefs through the strength of each individual. “In each photo, our ambassadors are free to express their beliefs, values ​​and individuality with their own stories,” Michele said.

In the campaign photo released, EXO’s Kai wore Gucci’s Autumn-Winter collection sunglasses with two different, masculine styles. In the first photo Kai uses square-rimmed glasses and a dark lens, while in the second photo he wears a normal lens. In the second photo, the singer, who was born on January 14, 1994, looks younger but with the same radiant charisma.

A few days after EXO’s Kai announced that he became a Gucci ambassador, he wais seen dressed entirely in Gucci from head to toe at ICN Airport, South Korea.

He looks cute wearing an Oversized Striped Cotton Shirt and denim pants combined with a pastel nuance sweater. He completes his appearance with a pair of Ultrapace Sneakers which, of course, Gucci output. EXO’s Kai also carries a Soft Leather Backpack series bag and beautifies his eyes with Gucci sunglasses.

However, apparently there was an item that caught the attention of many people. That day he was seen to wear a silver ring with Gucci carvings. The ring is sold at Gucci for USD $250. However, it turns out there are many fans who think the price is nothing, as long as they can twin rings with the idol.

Fans immediately felt competed to buy the Gucci ring. They then rushed to upload it on social media. “I decided to buy a Gucci ring for myself. I told them that EXO’s Kai was the reason. It’s very pretty,” chanted a fan on Twitter. Another fan also tweeted, “Happy birthday to me. Now I have the same Gucci ring as Jongin’s,” showed off other fans.

Although it is actually not surprising anymore, the items used by EXO’s Kai are in fact sold out on the market. The Gucci rings come in various sizes, but now they are also sold out.

Fashion Items

Beside being an ambassador, EXO’s Kai is also known as one of the members who likes to wear fancy outfits. In this session, we’re going to take a look at EXO’s Kai’s fashion items with Gucci that he wears all the time.

Having a vintage, but edgy concept, EXO’s Kai wore fashion items from clothes to footwear from Gucci. From the t-shirt, he wore the Chevron Polo with Piglet that costs $880, and an outer from Monaco Bees Cotton Natte Jacket that costs $2,990. Beside that, he also wore the Bees Cotton Natte Jacket that costs $850, along with Leather Belt with G Buckle that costs $450. Other accessories he wore were the Rectangular-Frame  Acetate Glasses that costs $385 with a Leather Boot with Dragon that costs $2,100.

Next, we can also see that Kai also likes to mix and match his outfits that come from any brand. In the picture above, he wear the Gucci’s Web Sandals that costs $520 along with other outfits that he wears from another brand.

Looking very sporty, Kai wears the outfits from Gucci, such as Gucci’s Sweatshirt with Piglet that costs $1,350, along with an outer from Gucci’s Nylon Jacket with Gucci Patch that costs $2,300. He also wears the shoes from Gucci’s Leather Fringe Horsebit Loafer, costing $890 with Gucci’s Jacquard Jogging Pant that cost $1,250, which made his appearance looks sporty and has a sense of being fashionista.

Still using the same sporty concept for his photoshoot, Kai changed his clothes with wearing the Gucci Cities Hooded Sweatshirt that costs $1,350 and the Nylon Jacket with Rabbit, costing $1,980. He also wear the pants from Gucci Logo Jogging Pant that costs $880.

In the picture above, EXO’s Kai really represents himself as the ambassador of Gucci as he dressed in Gucci from head to toe. The rapper of EXO, Kai, wears the Washed T-Shirt with Gucci Logo that costs $480 with an outer from the Heritage Bee Check Jacket that costs $2,400 and the Tailored Bee Check Pant, which costs $980. For the shoes and bag, EXO’s Kai wears the Rhyton Gucci Logo Leather Sneaker that costs $820 and the GG Supreme Medium Shoulder Bag costing $1,690 to complete his look.

As Gucci’s ambassador, EXO’s Kai wore another outfit that made his style look classy and elegant. The member of EXO, who was born in January 14, 1994, wears the inner top from Gucci’s logo T-shirt with Rabbit that costs $462.80, an outer from Gucci’s Heritage Retro Check Jacket costing $2,420,  and Tapered Denim Pant costing $780. For shoes and bag, EXO’s Kai wears the bag from Ophidia GG Supreme mini bag costing $950 and Fringe Leather Horsebit Slide that costs $545.44.

While debuting as a member of the sub-unit SuperM and promoting with Korean Air, Kai wore another collection from Gucci, which is Palma GG Velvet Jacket that costs $3,700 and looked very chic with a casual jacket that was formed like a blazer.

He’s also appeared at the airport while wearing another collection from Gucci that he has, such as Check Wool Jacket with Crest that costs $2,900 and the Men’s Screener GG Sneaker costing $870. Kai looks very casual and has a boyfriend-material style while wearing this outfit.

Looking casual with Gucci, EXO’s Kai is wearing the GG Canvas Bomber Jacket costing $2,300 with Screener Leather Jacket that costs $870, which made this simple look become very fancy because he was wearing the Gucci brand.

Beside outfits, Kai also likes to wear accessories from Gucci, just like in the picture above. He wears the Interlocking G Chain Bracelet in Silver that costs $517.89 and Silver Ring Square G costing $220.38. If you take a closer look, EXO’s Kai also wears the necklace which is a gift from Gucci, and it was a limited edition.

Here’s the all-in-one look by EXO’s Kai while wearing Gucci. In the picture above, the rapper from EXO is wearing the inner Oversize Wool Shirt with Patch that costs $1,400 and an outer from Double-Breasted Wool Suit in Grey that cost $ 3,398.15. For pants, he also wears the Wool Pant by Gucci that costs $950 and a bag from Gucci’s Soft GG Supreme Duffle Bag with Web that costs $3,080.

Well, that was all for the information of Gucci’s Ambassador, EXO’s Kai, with his top style and fashion outfits that show he can represent as the most luxurious idol, ever. He really suits the nickname of the most fashionable idol, doesn’t he? Let’s hope for the best to EXO’s Kai career in the future so we can see more of his appearance in upcoming comebacks!