Are You Curious About Who EXO’s Kai Girlfriend Is?

It was reported that the couple has been friends since their trainee days. Though never really exposed as close friends, Kai and Krystal’s eight-year friendship is undeniably unbreakable. Having the same age, Kai and Krystal talk informally to each other as well as have similar preferences for culinary and skiing as a leisure sport. Despite often being mistaken by people as a couple, Kai and Krystal only decided to be lovers at the beginning of 2016 as their feelings became romantic in nature.


Usually, Kai and Krystal dated like any normal college couple. They dressed in casual clothes consisting of glasses, hats, and sweatshirts. Already known as friends and easily recognizable in public, Kai and Krystal avoided crowded places like the Gangnam area. Moreover, the couple was not picky about where to eat as they would choose delicious food over luxury restaurants. Before their date once, Kai took off his coat for Krystal as the weather was becoming cold in the spring, which Krystal welcomed warmly.

Kai and Krystal’s dating news somehow turned in a negative light when in May 2016, a convenience store worker uploaded a receipt after she spotted Kai and Krystal’s dating news. Coincidentally, the convenience store is located in the condominium building’s basement in Jangan-dom, Seoul, where Kai and Krystal were caught. Another receipt also showed that Kai bought various snacks, cup ramen noodles, candy, and condoms. Many netizens believe that the couple practically lived together in the condominium building since they did not meet at Kai’s or Krystal’s apartments.

Besides the living together and condom controversy, Kai and Krystal were also allegedly spotted kissing in a public hotel pool. The photos below were released two days after their dating news leaked to the public.

Despite the shield of fans who initially believed that the pictures were of his trainer, it is clear that the man in the picture is Kai as both of them have the exact same hairstyle.

In August 2016, a CCTV footage of Kai and Krystal in an escape room was leaked by the game cafe staff. The pair was seen wearing face masks, evidently wanting privacy for their date. Many netizens bashed the staff as the leak of CCTV footage is illegal. Moreover, the staff was accused to indirectly promoting their business.

Unfortunately, Kai and Krystal broke up one year later in May 2017 due to their busy schedules. Despite the confirmation of their agencies about the breakup, many people suspected that the news was actually a mere cover for the scandals. Well, what do you think? Do you agree that Kai and Krystal are still dating like what some people suspect?