Always Rocking The Stage With His Charisma: Check Out EXO’s Kai Iconic Crop Top Fashion!

The EXO Member Who Pulls Off A Crop Top The Best

Kai’s charisma is no joke. He can pull off any kind of outfit and still look sexy, handsome, and charismatic. Kai isn’t afraid to take a step forward and try new things when it comes to style. He even became the first Korean Eyewear Men’s Global Ambassador for Gucci (an Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods) for two consecutive years.

Kai is famously known as a member of EXO who has nailed the style of wearing cropped tops that show off his beautiful abs during the group’s comebacks, special events, and concerts. According to on GQ Magazines, Kai was at #7 on the Best-Dressed Men of 2020 along with some Western artists such as Timothée Chalamet, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, and many more. From his yellowish kind of crop top to cozy knit ones, Channel-Korea will explain all about Kai’s iconic crop top fashion. Now, get ready to see Kai with his gorgeous crop top pictures in the article below!

EXO The Stage

‘EXO THE STAGE’ is video content that enables users to enjoy EXO’s new song ‘Obsession’ in various versions, and was released on the NAVER V LIVE EXO channel for six days starting November 30th 2019. The premiere screening took place on November 29 at the Bit Maru Broadcast Center in Ilsan.

Based on the press release, SM Entertainment stated that, in particular, the stages of both the EXO and the X-EXO concepts attracted publicity, and even the EXO quality performance from the original stage to the cross-editing version, the fixed camera version, the individual version, and the back-stage concept video can also be seen. It could be enjoyed in various ways, and an explosive response was expected.

Kai was wearing a yellow crop top with leather pants during his photoshoot for EXO’s comeback. He also used the same outfit for EXO THE STAGE. Kai was looking so wild wearing that crop top, which he paired with accessories such as the bracelets, rings, and a necklace to make it look even more sharp.

Kai wore two outfits for the EXO THE STAGE. The black one was custom-made by the Korean designer Bluer. The outfit was also used in the EXO’s Obsession music video.

Check out EXO’s Obsession @ EXO THE STAGE here:


Don’t Mess Up My Tempo

Don’t Mess Up My Tempo is the sixth studio album by EXO. It was released on November 2, 2018, by SM Entertainment and is available in four versions: Allegro, Moderato, Andante, and Vivace, named after types of tempo. The concept of the comeback for Don’t Mess Up My Tempo shows a motorcycle running around a mini car track that’s laid out to spell “EXO.” On the teaser, it shows a charismatic biker gang driving along a nighttime road and posing amid dusty dunes with their motorcycles.

We all know that Kai is not afraid to go a step further and try new things when talking about style. During this era, Kai was dressed up with a kind of monochrome ripped striped shirt with suspenders and leather pants. He also wore a Gucci brand necktie beneath the crop top.

During the comeback stage, Kai was wearing a red crop top under white suspenders. He looks really gorgeous, right? He caught all of EXO-L’s eyes during the comeback because he looked so good in that outfit.

There have been various comments about Kai’s outfit on the YouTube video for the Don’t Mess Up My Tempo comeback on MBC’s Music Core, Let’s take a look to some of them!

  • Kai on his crop top just caught my attention right away. Helppp (by Dessy_han)
  • Kai’s crop top makes him sexier. I never thought a man’s body beautiful before I saw Kai’s this stage. . He is Awesome. (by Kang미호)
  • Someone give Kai’s stylist an award for all of these cropped tops. Next comeback: assless chaps 🤣 (by jsph)
  • Kai is so Hot. -I’m an iKONIC EXO’s visual is no joke, true enough that even iKON said it. (by Rhoslaine Ismael Asa)

Lets see how awesome Kai is performing in this outfit!

Also, check out the music video here: