Details About EXO’s Kai and Blackpink’s Jennie’s Relationship

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Old Flame: Blackpink’s Jennie and EXO’s Kai

Korean artist couples dating is being revealed every January 1st, as has been the tradition of Dispatch for the past few years. And in 2019, it was the turn of the romance of EXO’s Kai and BLACKPINK’s Jennie that was dismantled by Dispatch.

Some time ago, Kai reportedly broke up from Krystal from ‘f (x)’, and Jennie also had some dating rumor, such as with YG’s producer, Teddy. And surprisingly, they had a romantic relationship with each other. Dispatch uploaded photos of Kai and Jennie together from their social media accounts. In the photos, the two of them were reportedly on a date at Sky Park on November 25th, 2018.

Quoted from Naver, Kai and Jennie are together. And when the singer came back from Hawaii on December 2nd, 2018, the first person he met was Jennie. According to Dispatch, Kai and Jennie have been involved romantically since October 2018.

SM and YG Entertainment as Kai’s and Jennie’s agency, respectively, confirmed that they are dating. Because both of them are top idols from top agencies too, this dating news immediately caused excitement.

Kai and Jennie Confirmed to be Dating

Kai and Jennie were suddenly reported to be dating by the Korean media, that at the same time released a photo of the two K-Pop idol stars going on a date in a park. Dispatch also complemented their report with evidence confirming the love story between Kai and Jennie. After their news became a hot topic of conversation on the Internet, with the topic of trending the world on Twitter, the agencies of the two of them did not immediately provide confirmation. SM still can’t be contacted. While YG claimed to know nothing about Jennie’s love relationship.

Hours after the news Kai and Jennie appeared in the media, finally, there was an update. Four hours after Dispatch released photos of Kai and Jennie on a date, SM Entertainment finally released a statement. They confirmed that Kai and Jennie are dating.

“Kai and Jennie both like each other,” said SM after giving confirmation about their idol, as reported by Soompi. Previously Jennie’s agency, YG Entertainment also responded. Unfortunately, they have not been able to provide certainty about the truth of the news.

“We don’t know about the dating rumors involving Jennie. We will continue to look into it,” said YG Entertainment’s response.

YG and SM Rules About Dating

Dating is not something that can be done carefreely by K-Pop idols. Agencies usually have their own rules about dating. Then, what about SM and YG? Here are five facts!

  1. SM artists are allowed to date, but if possible don’t get caught.

If there is something Lee Yeon Hee can complain about SM, it is the matter of the dating rules. When she was a guest on the Radio Star program in 2014, she revealed that SM allowed dating but insists on not getting caught. Responding to Lee Yeon Hee, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, acknowledged the difficulty of dating without being known to the public and the photographers. “It seems they (SM) say we can date but not meet each other,” Kyuhyun said.

  1. SM advises its artists to date their fellow artists from the agency.

Kai had previously been dating fellow artists SM, Krystal from f(x). Immediately after Kai and Krystal’s relationship was confirmed in 2016, Super Junior’s Heechul and S.E.S’ Shoo’s old statements about dating in SM were suddenly discussed again. In 2011, Heechul and Shoo were guest stars of Radio Star. Shoo himself joined SM. He said, SM actually supports dating between friends and agencies. Heechul then quoted the statement of the founder of SM, Lee Soo Man, “Lee Soo Man said, ‘If you want to date, I prefer you to date a partner. This makes it easier for us and we can take care of all the scandals,'” Heechul said.

  1. YG prohibits dating within a specified time period.

After debut, YG artists are not allowed to date for some time, 2NE1, for example. They are forbidden from dating because the agency wants them to focus on their music first. “2NE1 has a dating ban. There has been a ban on dating for five years,” Sandara Park said in the Sugar Man program.

  1. Some other YG artists don’t know when they can date.

YG also has a prohibition on dating without a definite time limit. This was experienced by Lee Hi. “Even the duration of the ban has not yet been determined,” the solo artist revealed in an interview with MyDaily in 2014. The same thing iKON said when he was a guest star in Sketch Yoo Hee Yeol. “There is no time frame for the ban, but it must be fine to date after you feel you have made enough,” Bobby said.

  1. When can YG artists date? The answer depends on Yang Hyun Suk!

According to Lee Hi’s interview with MyDaily in 2014, it was impossible and undesirable for YG artists to date since it seemed to depend on Yang Hyun Suk. When Lee Hi asked permission to date the YG boss, what was the response? “Recently, CEO Yang Hyun Suk allowed Musician Lee Chanhyuk Akdong to start dating. But, when I asked ‘How about me?’ I got a negative response,” said Lee Hi.

“Without giving me a reason, he (Yang Hyun Suk) said, ‘If I say you can’t (date), then you can’t,’ because of that, I can’t ask anymore,” added the singer of the song “Breathe.” Lee Hi said, “Musician Lee Suhyun Akdong was also not allowed to date because she was too young.” Yang Hyun Suk will release Lee Suhyun from the ban after she is 20 years old.

There are also situations where YG reduces the ban on dating. 2NE1 was initially not allowed to date for five years after debuting. But due to age, the ban on Sandara Park and Park Bom was removed two years earlier.

BLACKPINK is not spared from the ban on dating either. In an interview in 2016, they said, “Prohibition of dating has been enacted as soon as we became trainees. We even have it now.” Does this mean Jennie violates the prohibition on dating? Not necessarily. A statement about the dating ban was issued by BLACKPINK two years ago. Who knows if now they have been released from the ban on Yang Hyun Suk’s permission?