Details About EXO’s Kai and Blackpink’s Jennie’s Relationship

Evidence of Their Relationship

As early as 2019, K-Pop fans were surprised by the news that Kai was dating Jennie. After the Dispatch website released a photo showing them on a date, fans from Korea and from around the world talked about it nonstop. Here are 5 facts about the relationship between Kai and Jennie.

  1. The relationship between Kai and Jennie was first revealed by Dispatch.
jennie kai

The news media from Korea, Dispatch, has a habit of revealing celebrity profiles dating at the beginning of the year. Before Kai and Jennie, they also revealed Hyuna’s relationship with E’Dawn and Lee Seung Gi’s with SNSD Yoona. In 2019, they released photos of Kai and Jennie while on a date in the park at night. A photo of Kai taking Jennie back in her dorm was also released, making fans more certain that they were in a relationship.

  1. While on a date in Seoul Sky Park, Kai and Jennie joined hands and took photos of each other.

In the news, Dispatch stated that on November 25th, Kai picked up Jennie and took her to Seoul Sky Park. During their date, they also did things that other couples usually do, such as holding hands and taking photos of each other. As a very popular idol, dating in public is very difficult. So it’s natural for them to go on a date at night in the park.

  1. They are often seen wearing matching outfits.
jennie kai

Wearing matching outfits with your girlfriend/boyfriend is certainly normal. Well, it turns out, according to Dispatch, Kai and Jennie also wear matching outfits. They seem to wear a lot of matching clothing items, ranging from scarves, Converse shoes, jackets to jeans. Previously, Kai also reportedly met Jennie and brought a gift in a shopping bag that he brought from Hawaii on December 2nd.

  1. Kai and Jennie are considered to have given a hint about their relationship via Instagram.
jennie kai

Dispatch provided information that Kai and Jennie went on a date in Paris when they attended the fashion show there. That made fans more convinced about their love relationships because of both of their posts on Instagram. On October 3rd, both Kai and Jennie posted photos taken in front of the Eiffel Tower. Fans are sure the two met there and took photos of each other.

In addition, in one of Kai’s posts on Instagram, there was a photo that was also allegedly taken by Jennie, Teens. In the photo, Kai is seen wearing a black jacket, scarf, and a beanie that looks like in the photo of Dispatch taken on his date with Jennie.

  1. SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment have confirmed their relationship.

News about Kai and Jennie’s romance has been confirmed directly by their respective agencies. SM Entertainment confirmed that they were dating. “They like each other,” said the confirmation from SM Entertainment.

After the agency confirmed that the two idols were really dating, YG Entertainment took part in issuing the same statement. So, with the confirmation of the two agencies, we can be sure that Kai and Jennie are indeed dating.

Netizens’ Reactions of Kai and Jennie’s Relationship

A few hours after the news leaked, SM Entertainment announced that Kai and Jennie really have a special relationship. YG Entertainment remained silent but the official statement from Kai’s agency was enough to confirm that they are dating. Regarding such explosive relationships, netizens, including fans have mixed feelings.

Some of them support the relationship. Some refuse to accept it. And there is also a group of netizens who attack Dispatch. They claim Dispatch has violated the privacy of the celebrities. Therefore, they want Shipping to be dissolved or closed. A petition to the government was made to disperse Dispatch.

The petition titled “Please disperse Dispatch that violates the privacy of the artist,” “Request to close Dispatch,” “Dispatch violates celebrity’s personal life,” and other petitions were uploaded to the official website of The Blue House.

What is the continuation of the fate of Dispatch? Let’s just wait!

The End of Kai and Jennie Relationship

Kai and Jennie have reportedly broken up after about 4 months of romance. This news was, of course, surprising, because their relationship had just leaked to the public, a few weeks ago.

The reason for the two to decide to cut ties is that they want to focus on their careers. Reportedly, since the relationship ended, both Jennie and Kai do not seem to be excited when appearing on their respective concert stages.

Because they broke up due to their careers as a reason, Jennie and Kai’s relationship is still good. Both are still in a good relationship even though there is no more love. It seems that the decision was made for the benefit of the team, fellow artists, and fans. They will continue to do their best and support each other.