Don’t Miss Out on These Compilations of EXO’s D.O. Kyungsoo’s Solo Albums, Music Charts, and More!

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EXO’s Kyungsoo’s Debut as a Solo Singer

You must be familiar with D.O. Kyung-soo or EXO’s D.O., right? He is the main vocalist of EXO who has such an incredible voice, and it is something that people can’t deny. Aside from that, Kyungsoo started his debut as a solo singer in 2021!

Long before that, Kyungsoo participated in a lot of music collaborations including Korean drama OSTs, his first digital single “That’s Okay,” and even single collaborations with other artists as well.

Finally, Kyungsoo released his first mini-album Empathy which is marked as his first official solo debut. In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about Kyungsoo’s solo debut and his album, so stay tuned!

EXO’s Kyungsoo’s Solo Album: Empathy

SM Entertainment which is known as EXO and Kyungsoo’s agency announced on June 25, 2021, that their artist would make his solo debut. The news successfully made EXO-L (EXO’s fandom) scream in excitement since they have been waiting for that, especially after Kyungsoo participated in many music projects previously.

On July 26, 2021, Kyungsoo released his first mini-album Empathy with “Rose” as the album’s title track. The album Empathy is marked as Kyungsoo’s first official debut as a solo singer. In the album, he emphasizes R&B, pop, folk, and blues as its genres.

There are 8 tracks on the Empathy mini-album such as “Rose,” “I’m Gonna Love You (Feat. Wonstein),” “My Love,” “It’s Love,” “Dad,” “I’m Fine,” “Rose (English Version),” and “Si Fueras Mia.”

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that the concept for Empathy would emphasize the free expression of feelings and emotions to offer hope to everyone who has been struggling, especially from the darkness of the pandemic situation.

EXO’s Kyungsoo’s “Rose” Single

On the Empathy album, Kyungsoo appointed “Rose” as its title track which comes with a music video as well. One thing that makes “Rose” beyond special is that Kyungsoo participated in the writing process as the co-writer of it!

Throughout the music video, you can see peaceful vibes with a mixture of lovely and innocent appearances. Not only that but you can also see a bunch of animations in the “Rose” music video which is very captivating!

“Rose” describes a romantic feeling that somehow reminds the listener of romantic music in a drama. As a kind of acoustic folk song, “Rose” also talks about building up the courage to confess love to someone.

Find Out the Music Chart Positions and Other Achievements of EXO’s Kyungsoo’s Solo Albums

Shortly after the release of Empathy, many of Kyungsoo’s fans showed the album much love and support. Moreover, Empathy charted on the iTunes Top Albums Chart in more than 59 international regions. Can you imagine how great that is?

Aside from that, EXO’s Kyungsoo also achieved the 5th highest 1st-week sales of any solo artist in Hanteo with the Empathy album. From July 26 to August 1, 2021, the album sold approximately 310,108 copies within the first week!

Even the “Rose” music video received over 9 million views through its first premiere and entered the World Digital Song Sales chart at #16. Meanwhile, the Empathy album peaked at #14 on the World Albums chart.

After such a long wait, fans can finally listen to EXO’s Kyungsoo’s first mini-album! Many people have acknowledged his angelic voice and how captivating it is. No wonder the Empathy album has gained more recognition each day.

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