EXO’s Chen’s Military Duty, Enlistment, and Expected Discharge Date

exo chen military

Sweet Send-Off for EXO Chen

EXO’s Chen became the fourth EXO member to carry out mandatory military service. The news came 10 days after releasing the single “Hello.” Chen wrote a heartfelt letter to fans and hopes to see fans again very soon. Just before the enlistment day, EXO members gathered for the final send-off. It was a sweet moment for EXO, and Chen was extremely happy with the support shown by EXO members and EXO fans. Chen looked very cute with a shaved head and smiling eyes.

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Find out about Chen’s military service and expected discharge date in this article.

EXO’s Chen’s Military Enlistment


EXO members gathered for Chen’s send-off to the military. He is the 4th EXO member to carry out the mandatory military service for able-bodied Koreans aged 18 to 28. EXO’s Xiumin was the first member and was followed by D.O and Suho. Both Xiumin and D.O joined the military last year while Suho joined in May 2020

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EXO’s Chen’s Military Enlistment Date


On October 16, 2020, after releasing his single titled “Hello,” EXO’s Chen wrote a letter saying that he will join for military service on October 26, 2020. In the letter, he wrote that he will fulfill his duties in good health and will return to greet fans again. As usual, EXO members gathered for their own mandatory military service send-off picture. Chen showed up with a shaved head while the remaining members placed their hands on his head. Chen looks extremely happy in the picture because of the support shown by EXO members. Earlier in 2020, Chen announced his marriage to his girlfriend who was pregnant with their first child. The couple welcomed a baby daughter in April 2020.

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EXO’s Chen’s Military Discharge Date


Chen is expected to finish his military service in April 2022 after 18 months of duty as an active-duty soldier. Chen will be discharged from the military bases and return to his new family just in time to celebrate his daughter’s birthday and perhaps the birth of his second child. On November 16, 2021, Chen announced that his wife is pregnant with their second child.

EXO Member Reactions and Fan Reactions


Fans were thrilled upon hearing the news. Pictures of EXO members with the smiling bald Chen circulated on social media. Chen looked so cute and excited with a wide grin and smiling eyes. Fans wish that Chen can finish his service with good results and in good health. EXO’s leader, Suho, who was also fulfilling mandatory military service, albeit as a public service worker, was also there to send Chen off.


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