EXO’s Chen Is Expecting His Second Child in 2022

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Chen Will Be A Father of Two in 2022

EXO’s Chen never stops delivering happy news to his fans. Earlier in 2020, EXO’s Chen surprised fans with news of his marriage and news of his first child. Before the end of this year, Chen delivered more good news. Chen and his wife are expecting a new baby in 2022.

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Find out about Chen’s daughter and his second child in this article!

EXO’s Chen’s Wife


In early 2020, Chen announced his marriage to his girlfriend, a noncelebrity. At that time, the couple also announced that she was pregnant with their baby. It was truly happy news for EXO fans and a sign of hope for fans who want to marry their idols. Normal people can also marry celebrities.

Rumors circulated on the Internet about the identity of Chen’s wife. Who was the lucky woman? Keen fans looked to the Internet and assumed that Chen’s wife is a girl named Jang Mi-hee and that they have been dating for several years. Chen’s wife is three years older than Chen, and she works as a yoga teacher. According to the news, the couple met through an acquaintance.

EXO’s Chen’s Daughter


EXO Chen and his wife welcomed a daughter on April 29, 2020. It was a huge blessing for the couple, and they promised to be good parents for their daughter. EXO fans celebrated the news on social media and also sent support to the couple. Previously, angry fans protested to SM Entertainment upon hearing Chen’s surprise wedding announcement. However, more fans quickly showed support and gave their blessings to EXO’s Chen’s family. Throughout his career, Chen has had no rumors or scandals related to women. Chen will be a loving father to his daughter.

EXO’s Chen’s Daughter’s Birthday Party


A year after welcoming their daughter, Chen held the first birthday celebration for his daughter. The celebration was held at the famous Shilla Hotel in Seoul. Families and close friends gathered at the ceremony. Chen was seen wearing traditional Korean clothing. Koreans hold traditional birthday parties to celebrate the first year of their children.

At Korean traditional birthday parties, a child is given several items to select from such as a pencil, food, and money that represents smartness, wellbeing, wealth, and other items that represent talent such as needles, scissors, or in the case of an idol’s family, a microphone. Hopefully, Chen’s daughter chose the microphone to pass on Chen’s incredible vocals.

EXO’s Chen’s Second Child


There is more happy news for EXO fans. In November 2021, South Korean online media reported that Chen’s wife is expecting another baby. Later, SM Entertainment confirmed the news. Congratulations to Chen and his wife! Previously, in an interview, Chen said that he wanted to have two children, first a daughter then a boy. Chen is a very lucky man, and he is true to his words. Hopefully, Chen can finish his military service in time to welcome his second child.

It feels good to recap a wonderful year for Chen and his family. Let’s hope that Chen and his family will be in good condition, Chen can finish his military service, and his wife can deliver a healthy baby.


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