EXO’s Chanyeol’s Style Throughout the Different Eras: From ‘MAMA’ to ‘Tempo’

Park Chanyeol 박찬열 EXO

EXO Chanyeol’s Fashion Style

Everyone must know who is Chanyeol. He is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and model from the popular boy band EXO. This multi-talented boy who was born in 1992 is known for having a baby face as well as a surprisingly deep voice, and his well-built body. He is also known as an idol who has good fashion tastes. So, stay tuned and let’s check out his styles throughout the different eras!

Chanyeol’s Styles Throughout the Eras

From his debut until now, Chanyeol has already tried out various fashion styles. All Chanyeol styles can be seen from their group’s comebacks. Are you curious? Let’s get started!

Chanyeol’s Pre-debut


Here is a picture of baby Chanyeol! And another photo of him before he debuted.


During EXO’s pre-debut era, all the members have different stories and style. Chanyeol’s popularity is not only due to his musical talent, but it is also largely due to his confidence. During his time prior to debuting, Chanyeol’s hair is mostly seen with a fringe and a little longer in the back.

At the age of 16, Chanyeol started participating in several contests, like this one “Smart Model Contest 2008.” He showed his ability in playing guitar and doing beatbox.


Chanyeol became a trainee under SM Entertainment after winning second place in the 2008 Smart Model Contest.

Prior to his debut, Chanyeol made cameo appearances in TVXQ’s “HaHaHa Song” music video and Girls’ Generation’s “Genie” music video in 2008 and 2010 respectively.

Debut with MAMA – 2012

Chanyeol became the last EXO member to be officially introduced to the public on February 23rd, 2012. According to their concept which is a mysterious concept, Chanyeol has a long hairstyle, which doesn’t differ much from his pre-debut photos.


During his debut in the EXO subunit, EXO-K, he was overflowing with charisma and cool appearance captivating EXO-L’s hearts. He has his hair colored and a little bit curly and has a volume on the top of his hair, different from his trailer and his pre-debut.

In MAMA’s era, the concept is mysterious and most of his outfit has a dark color like black, grey, dark blue and a little bit of white.

Wolf – 2013


In EXO’s “Wolf” era, the concept for the song is a bad-boy. In this era, all the group members wear the same wardrobe color like before which is a dark color, and most of the accessories which they wear are headbands and scarves. Chanyeol liked to wear a scarf on his neck or as a headband.

But in the performance, they were dressed in white and another color. And mostly in this era, Chanyeol liked to wear various hats.

Growl – 2013


During the “Growl” era, the look for the group’s outfits was modeled on school days. Most of the performances were done wearing a school uniform outfit which was mostly gray. EXO outfits and style became more colorful than before, but Chanyeol’s hair color was still brown and he sometimes wore accessories.

Overdose – 2014


Dark colors were still dominant in EXO’s color schemes. During the “Overdose” era, members wore colorful outfits and dark colored semi-formal apparel. Chanyeol’s hair color became changed to a brown-reddish color, and he also has a bold make-up, especially on his eyes.

Call Me Baby – 2015


In the “Call Me Baby” era, members wore sporty and trendy outfits with a boyfriend style. Always dominated by the black color, although they also used other primary colors. Chanyeol’s hair color is a brown-greyish, and it is a little bit curly and messy.

Love Me Right – 2015


During the “Love Me Right” era, the theme for the group’s outfits is about Western college days. Their outfits resemble those from the “Growl” era on several performances. Chanyeol’s hair is silver-grey in this era.

Lightsaber – 2015


In the “Lightsaber” era, Chanyeol’s hair is black. But in the music video, there is no Chanyeol. There is only Baekhyun, Kai, and Sehun. But they all performed it at the Mnet Music Asian Awards and at their concert while carrying lightsabers.

Monster – 2016


During the “Monster” era, EXO members sported a rocker style with a lot of piercings as their accessories. The dominant colors in all their outfits are black and red. Chanyeol colored his hair red, suitable for the concept.

Lotto (2016)


During the “Lotto” era, EXO members were sporting an “elite player” style. Chanyeol had a red hair again, same as before. And he wears a contact lens which is well-matched with his hair color.

Ko Ko Bop – 2017


During the “Ko Ko Bop” era, Chanyeol changed his hair color to pink. With a casual outfit for the music video and his contact lens though, he makes his appearance became better.

Power (2017)


After changing his hair color to pink, this time, during the “Power” era, Chanyeol came back with a soft-blue hair, with red contact lens. In this music video, EXO members sported a soldier-gamer style. Since the concept is more playful than some other album concepts, Chanyeol had to wear more casual, sporty, colorful clothes which showed his charm more.

Tempo (2018)


During the “Tempo” era, EXO members transformed into motorcycle gangsters. Chanyeol wore a black outfit that was matched with the music video concept. For on-stage performances, most of the time he wore a leather jacket as outer with the combination of dark colored pants and shirt, along with a necklace, or a synchronized color uniform between EXO members.

Love Shot – 2018


During the “Love Shot” era, there are several outfit themes EXO members used. For the elite theme outfit, Chanyeol wore a light brown or nude suit with an inner light sweater, and also he wore a denim outer with a red inner shirt for the casual one. He looked even sexier when he dyed his hair back to black.

That’s all about Chanyeol’s different styles throughout the different eras. So, which era do you like the most? Kindly share your opinion in the comment section below.