Here Are EXO’s Baekhyun’s Top Selcas to Make Your Day Brighter!

Baek-hyun, EXO’s Selca King

Baek-hyun, a member of the famous boy-band EXO, has become famous for having multiple skills. Not only is he good at singing and dancing, but he also acts and has other talents, yet. One of the skills he’s known for is taking selcas (selfies). Among all the EXO members, Baek-hyun and Chan-yeol are known to be the two who take the best selca. It’s no wonder that most of the photos on his Instagram feed are his selca shots. Want to know more about his selca photos? Channel-Korea has prepared this article for you!


EXO’s Baekhyun’s Selca Appreciation Post

Baekhyun posted this selca on his Instagram with the caption “It’s been a long time!” In the photo, Baek-hyun shows his pink hair and his chic expression. His clear skin also catches fans attention. Right after he posted this photo, fans commented “I missed you so much!”, “You look so handsome!”, etc.

Baek-hyun posted this selca on his Instagram with the hashtag #Kokobop. He was pictured at the location where they were shooting the music video. In the photo, he was pictured in a red Hawaiian shirt and his dyed-red eyebrows catch his fans’ attention.

Baek-hyun posted this photo on his Twitter account to inform his fans that he was already boarding a plane. In the photo, he was pictured with big, round glasses and a chic expression.

Baek-hyun posted this selca on December 25th, with the caption “Merry Christmas”. He’s looking very sharp in his well put together outfit.

Baek-hyun posted this selca on his Instagram, in which he’s eating ice cream while he’s overseas.

Baek-hyun posted this selca on Instagram with a caption thanking fans for watching his appearances on a show.

Baek-hyun posted this selca on his Instagram, celebrating EXO’s sixth anniversary. In the photo, Baek-hyun staring at the camera upside down. Fans commented that they hope to EXO continues for another six years.

This is another post from his Instagram. Unlike his other selca, in this photo, he was pictured with a gloomy expression and only showing one of his eyes.

Hee-chul from Super Junior posted this selca on his Instagram when Baek-hyun was a guest on the show Knowing Brothers. Through this photo, they show their friendship as colleagues from the same company.

Baek-hyun posted this selca in 2015. He posed showing his ‘V-line’ jawline and his blonde hair. Beside him is EXO’s Xiumin.

Baek-hyun posted this selca on his Instagram to express his gratitude toward fans for celebrating his 24th birthday.

Baek-hyun posted a picture of himself in the practice room. He is posing with an SM choreographer and giving a V sign. The song he was practicing in this photo was Lotto, from the album Ex’act that was released in 2016.

Baek-hyun took another mirror selca in the practice room and posted it on his Instagram. For the caption, he wrote “NikeLabxStoneIsland”. After he uploaded the picture, fans started commenting that he should become a model for Nike.

Baek-hyun posted this selca on his Twitter, with the caption “Good morning, Exo-L! See you tomorrow!”

Baek-hyun posted this selca in the waiting room for a music show. He looked preppy with his blue sweater and his chic smile.

Baek-hyun posted this selca on his Instagram. He shows his cute and mischievous smile.

Baek-hyun posted this selca on Instagram with the hashtag #곧만나요 #침맞기. Since he’s pictured lying in a hospital gown, fans started to worry about Baek-hyun’s condition.

Baek-hyun released this photo where he’s wearing a doctor’s coat for a performance in MBC’s music show, Music Core. In the photo, he put the caption “하이. 미국에서 왔어요. 제 이름은 데이비드 썸원콜더입니다. 그냥 썸원콜더닥터님이라고 불러주세요” which gives laughter to international fans. This costume is for EXO’s performance in a different occupation. You can see their performance here.

The official Instagram account for Singles Magazine posted Baek-hyun’s selca with the magazine.

In October, 2015, Baek-hyun took a selca with his fellow EXO member, Kai, in a Halloween costume. Even though the photo looks blurry, their playful expressions still look cute.

Baek-hyun posted a photo of himself while holding a bag of ice on his Instagram feed. In the post, he put a caption “I have a lump in my head… (I had a heavy ice bag on my face) but thank you…”. He only shows half of his face and an ice bag on top of his head.

This selca got Exo-L all excited because of his neck tattoo. He posted a photo wearing glasses and a neck tattoo on his Instagram account.

In 2016, Baek-hyun starred in the drama Moon Lovers and acted with actor Lee Jun-ki. Through Lee Jun-ki’s Instagram, he posted this selca with Baek-hyun on the set.

Baek-hyun posted this selca on his Instagram. He looks cute in his simple white t-shirt and jeans. He shows his cute smile to the camera.

Baek-hyun posted this selca on his Instagram before going to sleep. In the photo, he was pictured with sleepy eyes and buried in his blankets.


Bonus: EXO’s Baekhyun’s Gorgeous Photo Shoot

The members of EXO have become models for street-wear brand, MLB. Using a casual concept, Baek-hyun is looking cool.

With the same concept, Baek-hyun was also captured in a casual style for Vogue Korea.

Not only did he do a photo shoot for an editorial, Baek-hyun also became the W Magazine cover for their EXOCLUSIVE concept.

Baek-hyun’s Latest News

Baek-hyun been busy working for his streetwear brand, Privé Alliance. Recently, the brand released their newest collection. Baek-hyun, as the co-creative director, attended the show and expressed his gratitude in this Instagram post.

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Be Brave , Be Humble #prive #thankyouforcoming #exol

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Baek-hyun also took several candid pictures during the show. He looks preppy and handsome in his blue jacket.

His recent post on Instagram was to promote Chen, another EXO member, who just released a solo song. Baek-hyun posted a screencap of Chen’s music video on his Instagram with no caption.

You can check out Chen’s solo song here!

That was all the information about Baek-hyun’s selcas and latest news. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comment section, below!