After A Long Wait, EXO’s Baekhyun Finally Debut as a Solo Artist with ‘City Light’!

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Before his venture into becoming a solo artist, Baekhyun has dabbled here and there with releases outside of EXO. Let’s check out some of those releases below!

One of Baekhyun’s releases that hit the airwaves was his duet with former Miss A member, Suzy. The song, titled “Dream”, is a smooth, jazzy pop number that beautifully highlights the harmony in Baekhyun and Suzy’s voices. With Mystic Entertainment spearheading the collaboration, the song was a hit with both fans and the general public. Check out the music video for the single, above!

Baekhyun is definitely not afraid to venture out of his comfort zone, as he followed up the success of “Dream” with another duet, not with another female vocalist, but with Starship balladeer, K.Will. The song was featured as part of SM Entertainment’s SM Station project, an ambitious venture created to showcase the many talents at the company through weekly single releases. Check out the song “The Day” down below!

After having a Starship artist feature on an SM-produced track, it was Baekhyun’s turn to feature on a Starship Entertainment-produced single. Collaborating with former Sistar member, Soyou, Baekhyun showcases his diverse vocal range on the song titled “Rain”. The song tells the story of two lovers that pine for one another, in such an understated and nostalgic way. The music video also stars IZ*ONE member and Starship trainee, Ahn Yu-jin!

His latest solo releases have all come from the second season of the SM Station project, one where he was featured as the sole singer, while the other is a more chill, laid-back track featuring rapper, Loco. Check out the music videos for both releases down below!

So what do you think of Baekhyun’s official solo debut? Do you think it’s better than his previous solo releases? Comment your thoughts and opinions down below!