EXO’s Baekhyun and Sehun, the Kind of Friendship You Wish You Had!

Baekhyun’s Solo and Sehun’s EXO-SC

baekhyun & sehun

Recently, Baekhyun has released a new solo debut album with the hit single UN Village! It was released in July, 2019, and the album is called City Lights.


Baekhyun has also reportedly been successful on album selling, and has made Gaon Chart history with his solo album debut! City Lights ranked #1 through July’s monthly album charts and has sold more than 508k copies in its first month, which made it the highest-  selling album from a solo artist in the Gaon Chart’s history!

Here’s the track list for City Lights:

  1. UN Village
  2. Stay Up
  3. Betcha
  4. Ice Queen
  5. Diamond
  6. Psycho

Watch Baekhyun’s single, UN Village, here:

Meanwhile, in the same months, Sehun also has released a new single as the sub-unit project from EXO-SC, What a Life.

sehun & chanyeol

What a Life is the first mini album from EXO-SC, the second sub-unit from EXO, which consists of Sehun and Chanyeol. The mini album was released July 22, 2019. Sehun and Chanyeol were also involved as the songwriters and lyricists. The mini album successfully reached #1 on the iTunes worldwide charts in 46 different countries, such as Sweden, Argentina, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and many more!

Here’s the track list of What a Life:

  1. What a Life
  2. Just Us 2
  3. Closer to You
  4. Borderline
  5. Roller Coaster
  6. Daydreamin’

Watch Sehun x Chanyeol’s single, What a Life, here:

Well, that was all of the information about the friendship between Baekhyun and Sehun! They idols who have proven that their strong bond was real, since they have been close since before they reached their popularity, and their friendship was pure as well. Let’s support both of them and hope that their friendship will remain the same for a long time!

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