Here’s List of EXO’s Baek-hyun and BTS’ V’s Moments Together!

EXO’s Baekhyun and BTS’s V, Look-Alike Idols and Currently in The Most Famous Groups

They’re from two of the most famous boy-groups from South Korea. What K-pop fan doesn’t know about EXO and BTS? Both groups have tons of fans in Korea and around the world. Belonging to the most successful K-Pop groups all of the time, it’s no wonder their fans follow all their activities and relationships, especially those that include other idols.

V, or Taehyung, from BTS is known for having a close relationship with Baekhyun from EXO. As they’ve kept meeting at awards or shows, their friendship has been growing from only greeting and cheering each other when the groups encounter each other backstage. Moreover, they really resemble each other, to the extent that that they could be brothers.

If you want to see their friendship, don’t go anywhere, here are some moments that always make our hearts warmer, and it’s high time we recall the most emblematic BTS-EXO moments!

Rival or Friends?

As the two biggest boy-groups in Korea, both EXO and BTS have massive fan bases around the world. Fascinated fans follow members daily activities and personal details, and keep careful track of their social media posts. Those social media posts are an important part of promotion, but they need to be careful about what they share, or it can lead to scandal or even fan wars.

It happened once, between EXO fans, or EXO L, and ARMY, or BTS fans. It all started when RM, BTS’s leader, posted an innocent tweet on his personal twitter account. Apparently, he made a small mistake in his tweet which led to giving offense to ARMY.

Every time a BTS member has a birthday, his fellow members entertain fans by tweeting out goofy photos of the birthday boy. When V turned 21, RM uploaded 4 derp pictures, but only 3 of those pictures were of V.

Can you spot the problem with the tweet? Yes, the last picture wasn’t V,  but Kai from EXO. They really don’t look alike, but in that derp moment, the picture is confusing. Maybe that’s why RM thought it was V. Once the tweet was out,many EXO L got offended and told RM that he had it wrong.

The mix-up upset so many EXO-L so much that RM decided to resolve the tension by personally addressing the issue. Feeling responsible, and not wanting to make the war or the mistake that caused it go on any longer, he sincerely apologized to both Kai and offended netizens for mistaking Kai’s photo for V’s.

This is what he tweeted:

I sincerely apologize to Kai (senior) and everyone who felt uncomfortable by the photo I accidentally posted.”  — RM

Another war occurred after one ARMY posted on their SNS, using inappropriate language about one of the EXO members at Fan Meeting Global BTS on January 13, 2018. There were so many people at the fanmeet that things got a little bit chaotic, and some of BTS Army did terrible things like pushing the gate and complaining to security. It didn’t stop there. someone uploaded a video clip of an ARMY using foul language to insult one of the members of EXO. In the video, one ARMY was shouting and mocking EXO, saying “aeri/eri like b*tch” (aeri is a nickname Baekhyun gave to EXO-L). It made many EXO-L mad at ARMY, and a fan war started on SNS. Here is the video:

In the video, there was also someone shouting: “Do your job properly! Let us in! What are you doing? F*ck! It is snowing! If you have a mouth, say something!”

That video caused a lot of anger from people in other fan clubs, who were really unhappy about what ARMY did at the fanmeet. Up until now, there hasn’t been any clarification from them, and as a result, the relationship between ARMY and EXO L has been very love/hate since then.

Let’s hope these two fan clubs can resolve the issue and be closer again!

EXO’s Baekhyun and BTS’s V: Cute Moments that Will Melt Your Heart

Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and BTS’s Taehyung are known for their reactions during award shows, and they aren’t ones to hold back when it comes to the other team, either.

Remember that time Chanyeol got really startled by the special effects BTS used during their performance?

Or the powerful performance of “Drop That” where J-Hope, V, Jimin, and Jin showed us their love for the song?

You may not have heard it, but these two puppy-like idols are known for their resemblance, and the fan theories involving Baekhyun, Taehyung, and B.A.P member Daehyun’s visual triangle got so big, V was even asked about it on a TV show. Taehyung was very eager to explain how Baekhyun is the mom and Daehyun is the dad of their little ‘family’.

They even took a selfie together! The cuteness is just too much to handle.

Another cute moment happened during the Seoul Music Awards, July, 2018. A video caught their interactions, as Baekhyun greeted each of the BTS member, he and V walked side by side. As they’re walking, Baekhyun didn’t see a low LCD, which almost hit their heads. When they were approaching it, v made a gentle and sweet gesture to Baekhyun, putting his hand on Baekhyun’s head to protect to keep it from banging the lcd. As soon as he realized, Baekhyun lowered his head to avoid the LCD. Here is the video.

Do you agree that they look alike and seem very fit as brothers? As we can see from those moments, V and Baekhyun are really close, and even fanboy each other’s group. Let’s hope that both sets of fans realize their idols have a close relationship and stay respectful.