Get Ready, Ladies, Here’s Photos of Baek-hyun’s Abs That Will Make You Swoon!


EXO’s Baekhyun’s Abs

EXO’s Baekhyun is known for his cute face and main vocalist position in EXO with his sweet vocals. Recently, he became a hot topic among EXO-L because he revealed his gloriously sculpted abs in front of thousands of fans at their 3rd solo concert EXO PLANET #3- The EXO’rDIUM.

His abs successfully drove his fans so freaking crazy. We don’t know how to describe what Baekhyun abs look like, but he looks so sexy and amazing.

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Showing off Abs on Stage!

EXO’s Baekhyun on Master Key Variety Show

Baekhyun was confirmed as a member of SBS’s new variety show Master Key‘s first episode. This variety show focuses on solving mission games. It started with 12 players trying to find 12 keys hidden around Master Village. Each player should have their own key before proceeding to the Room of Fate and checking if their key is the master key or not.

On Master Key, Baekhyun met with Wanna One’s Kang Daniel which made their fans and viewers go crazy because their abs duel each other. Their gorgeous abs attracted the other players when they changed their outfits in the fitting room. The Master Key MCs Lee Soo-geun, Jun Hyun-moo, and Kim Jong-min teased them about which had the sexiest abs.

Photo Shoot

EXO’s Baekhyun’s Workout and Diet

Baekhyun’s cute and chubby face is so famous among EXO-L. His baby fat made his face look like a child’s. But, now, he looks more gentle after his weight loss. He resulted with amazing sculpted abs all over. Actually, he managed to do his diet for about 3 months for the sake of that and told his fans about his reasoning.

During the EXO PLANET #3 – EXO’rDIUM concert in Seoul, Baekhyun told his fans about his diet tips. He said, “If you ask me how I ate [during my diet], listen well everyone! I cut off carbohydrates for 3 months. I didn’t eat any rice, grains, and cereals. The thing about carbohydrates is when you stop eating for 3 days, you don’t think about wanting to eat them anymore. They say your resolve falls through in 3 days. If you get through the 3 days, there’s nothing you can’t do!”

He continued, “After I completed my abs, I thought a lot about if I should show or not because there are young people here and the feeling of Baekhyun would be gone. That feeling in myself. That’s why for that image to be shown, I didn’t want to strip.”