EXO Abs – Which EXO Members Have The Best Abs?


Now that we’ve seen the photos, let’s rank from the best abs to the ~okay~ abs.

1. Xiumin EXO

Xiumin’s abs may not have debuted as early as Kai’s to the eyes of the audience, but the moment he reveals his toned abs, it was certainly a mind-blowing view! Xiumin possesses a jolly face; not many people expect to see a six-pack on his body. But he sure knows how to work on his expression when he’s showcasing his body. Can you resist him!? Neither can we. With his powerful expression and steamy bod, Xiumin deserves the number one spot on the ranking!

2. Kai EXO

Kai has been known for having a six-pack since the beginning of EXO. His toned body has been featured in several magazines photoshoots, like High Cut and Calvin Klein‘s jeans campaign. However, it gets overrated as we’ve seen them too many times – his abs is nothing new. Regardless, he is still in the top best abs for his forever toned six-pack!

3. Suho EXO

Leader Suho is making everyone thirsty with his growing dominant charisma! He is known for his fatherly smile that can warm your cold heart. But once his shirt leaves his top, for sure you’ll get hot! His abs are mesmerizing like a good ol’ Hersey’s Chocolate.

4. Baekhyun EXO

It’s tough to decide who goes where after the top three, but we think Baekhyun deserves the following spot. His abs have certainly developed SO well! Just like Xiumin, Baekhyun’s abs also show up with a BOOM. We never knew they were there but WHOA, Baekhyun is toned and sexy.

5. Chanyeol EXO

Unlike other members, Chanyeol has a dominant 11 abs (= the abs form the letter 11 as the sides create such shape unlike six-packs that form squares on the stomach). However, his abs do not make him any less attractive. He makes sure that his 11 abs are well-toned and as chocolatey as the other members’ abs! Yum!

6. Lay EXO

Look at that dimple/abs combination! It is certainly something that no one can resist. We don’t mind if his abs aren’t as deeply toned as the first three members, they look great on him.

7. Sehun EXO

Our lovely maknae Sehun sure has grown up a lot! He’s rocking toned abs and sexy vibes all over his body. However, it still doesn’t bring him to the #1 spot since his abs are still unable to surpass Hyung’s who has almost perfect chocolate abs.

8. Chen EXO

Chen’s abs are still under-developed but they are there. He still has a fair amount of muscle and fat altogether and it is totally fine! His body is still as sexy as the other members in his own way. Besides, we definitely enjoy the view of topless Chen.

9. D.O EXO

While the rest of the members have solid proof of their sculpted abs, D.O doesn’t really. There has been several photos of D.O with his abs, but many EXO-L confirm that many of them are the result of photoshop. D.O seems to be the only member with a baby tummy instead of abs. We are unsure as to why, but it doesn’t make D.O less attractive or less sexy than the others! Abs or no abs, D.O is still a fan favorite for his other assets, like his adorable face.

What about you? Who do you think is the #1 abs in EXO?


A shout out to the ex members~

1. Luhan Ex-EXO


Luhan was one of EXO’s cute visual when he was still in the group. But do not be fooled by his appearance! The boy apparently has quite the muscle on his abdomen. He seems to be enjoying the art of ~fan service~ too in this picture.

2. Tao Ex-EXO


Tao has always had a sharp expression. But, boy oh boy, his abs are just AS SHARP! I’m sure many female fans couldn’t resist this combo back in the day. Well, they probably still can’t until today!

3. Kris Ex-EXO


Okay. We know it is not a topless photo or an ab-showing photo! Kris isn’t apparently a fan of showing off his abdominals. However, it seems that his body is quite built as you can see from the photo below. Like D.O, Kris keeps his skin to himself.